Han Ye Seul “If I Had To Do Plastic Surgery For My Confidence…”

17 Mar

[Translator Note: This is part three of three of her DongA interview. You can read part one here and part two here.]

Actress Han Ye Seul revealed her beliefs toward her own appearance and charms.

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Han Ye Seul “As A Woman, I Find Jun Ji Hyun To Be A Very Cool Actress”

17 Mar

[Translator Note: This is the second of three DongA interviews. You can read part one here.]

Actress Han Ye Seul mentioned Jun Ji Hyun, who made a successful comeback through “You Who Came From The Stars.”

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Han Ye Seul “End of the Year Awards Speech? I Just Wanted to Convey My Gratitude to Teddy”

17 Mar

[Translator Note: This is the first of three DongA interviews.]

Actress Han Ye Seul talked about her end of the year awards speech that was a hot topic.

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13 Mar

I had temporarily closed down the site, but there was a large part of me that regretted doing so. My plan is to be more consistent, though I will be translating on a slower schedule. I will also be restricting my sources of translations to a few sites each for Korean and Japanese. In the coming days, I will be reposting translations I did on another site onto here. My plan is going to be roughly one interview per week, alternating between Korean and Japanese. At the very least, I want two interviews per month posted on here (one in each language). Because of my impending professional career, I will not try to post 10 translations in a month like I used to when I was a full-time student.

Han Ye Seul “The Role of a Reckless Heiress Makes Me Excited”

31 Oct

This woman is honest. The woman who lives and eats off of the interest she receives from the general public doesn’t watch TV and doesn’t use the Internet very much. That is because she doesn’t cling to the image she has shown us.

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Han Ye Seul “Advancing to Hollywood? I’ll Take That Chance Without Wavering”

31 Oct

Actress Han Ye Seul will venture into voice-over dubbing in “Monsters vs Aliens,” which opens this year on April 23.

Han Ye Seul plays the role of Ginormica, who one day suddenly obtains great power, and Han Ye Seul will put her own bubbliness into the role.

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Sawajiri Erika First Class Interview

13 Oct

Please show your enthusiasm for playing the lead role, Yoshinari Chinami, in “First Class.”

The role of Yoshinara Chinami is one who starts working for a fashion magazine in the editorial department by accident and then tramples over the colleagues who bullied her. When I heard that the theme was about “mounting,” I intuitively thought “I must play this role.” I was attracted to the strength in the heart of the protagonist, who keeps fighting on without being crushed in the midst of the battle in the world of women. I thought it would be good to display this new role, as it is one I have not acted until now, and it was very fun. I’ll work hard to meet expectations.

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Toda Erika Hot Pepper Spring 2014 Interview

12 Oct

Toda Erika was very stoic until finishing “SPEC,” doing weight training, bathing half of her body, and receiving massages. She separate herself from her role of Touma Saya in which she went with a no-makeup look with her unkempt hair and wore a cast on her left arm. After the role, there was a difference in the muscles in her calves. She cut off everything for her role, saying that it was splendid that she didn’t exercise for her role, becoming something of comfort for her. After moving on from the role of Touma Saya, Toda Erika is at the point where she wonders if she has to start doing something.

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Takei Emi July 2014 Oricon Interview

5 Oct

── In the sequel you act as Kaoru again, and what do you think Kaoru’s charms are after acting as her again?
Takei】At any rate, it’s Kaoru being direct and frank. She’s a woman that doesn’t lie, and seeing that makes me happy, but she also tries to be tough, so having that quality makes her precious. She has definitely grown compared to last time, but she has not changed at the core. I find that fascinating.

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Sunmi, Talking About Her Solemn Beauty

4 Oct

A celebrity that announces a break has a lot of hard parts to overcome in the process of returning to the stage. Is it worth the effort, such as when trying to correct a train that has gone off the tracks? In this process, Sunmi has shot a flare as a solo singer, becoming known as Sunmi instead of “Wonder Girls’ Sunmi.”

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