Park Si Yeon “At First I Rejected An Advancement Into Hollywood, I Was Crazy”

26 Dec

On November 15th, the airing of the KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Nice Guy’ finished. Park Si Yeon, who showed an enthusiatic performance playing the role Han Jae Hee has sealed her next project, the movie ‘The Last Knights’ and is moving her activities to Hollywood.

Recently in a cafe in Non Hyeon, Gang Nam, Seoul I met with Park Si Yeon and asked her about her advancement into Hollywood.



‘The Last Knights’ is the first movie for the international advancement of the Korean film industry, as the So Big Global Contents Investment Association, formed in 2011 invested in it to advance to Hollywood. The movie is an epic action movie depicting the genuine knights protecting their honor with an unknown space and time as the background.

Japanese director Kazuaki Kiriya holds the megaphone while Clive Owen was cast as Raiden, a general armed with a sword that carries a sense of loyalty and courage while Morgan Freeman was cast as Bartok, the upright feudal lord who is loyal to Raiden. Benedict Cumberbatch, who has become known within the country through his role in the drama ‘Sherlock Holmes’, was cast as Geza Mott, who labels Raiden and Bartok as traitors and opposes them. The movie plans on depicting a movie, which has the best of Hollywood actors and where the West meets the East, that everyone can sympathize with.

Ahn Sung Ki and Park Si Yeon are appearing as Korean actors. Geza Mott is the symbol of corrupt power and Park Si Yeon plays his wife. As she lives her underprivilaged life, she silently protects her space and acts as a woman who will arouse pity. Park Si Yeon introduced her own part by saying “She is a character who ended up in a marriage she didn’t want and has discord with her husband. The role isn’t big nor does it carry a lot of weight.”

If that’s so, what was the reason that Korean actress Park Si Yeon was chosen for the great work that is to be shown worldwide? She carefully said “Anyway, if they try to find an Asian actress who can speak English, the selection pool narrows. It’s a historical film, and I don’t really look Asian, so I got picked for my exotic looks.”

However, from the beginning, the Park Si Yeon’s appearance wasn’t readily decided. As she recalls, “At first when I received the offer, I was absorbed into ‘Nice Guy’. I was absorbed into ‘Nice Guy’ from head to toe and I rejected the offer because it was burdensome and I didn’t think I could do it. I received advice from the office and thought about it again, thinking that I was crazy and why I said I wouldn’t do it.”

“There’s actually scary parts that exist. The Hollywood system and our country’s system aren’t completely different. The biggest difference is that there aren’t any managers that follow the actors to the filming site. This time I have to go there suddenly alone and do everything alone, but it seems like it will be fun. However, since I don’t know anything, it’s also really scary. The feeling of ‘how do I have to do this?’ doesn’t even come. The lines are in English so it’s burdensome, but a chance like this doesn’t always come, so the greed of wanting to do well arose.”

The dice has already been thrown. ‘The Last Knights’ has cranked in Prague, Czech Republic on November 5th. Now Park Si Yeon has to join with ‘The Last Knights’. Park Si yeon displayed her strong resolution by stating “I had the thought of not becoming a hindrance. They’ll see me as an unexperienced rookie, so I have to confront this with an attitude that this is my first time acting.”

Meanwhile ‘The Last Knights’ has the objective to release the movie worldwide in the second half of 2013 starting in North America and Korea. Park Si Yeon plans on leaving the country at the beginning of December to film in the Czech Republic for ‘The Last Knights’.


Translation: therealcz @ Hallyu Interview


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