Moon Chae Won “I Knew Rather Early That my Acting in Sageuks Was Deficient”

27 Dec

What is the reason Moon Chae Won, who said that she knew rather early that her acting in sageuks was deficient, continues to challenge sageuks?

Moon Chae Won, who debuted in 2007, has positioned herself as the ‘Sageuk Queen’ through successively appearing in popular projects like the movie ‘Arrow The Ultimate Weapon’, SBS drama ‘Painter of the Wind’ and KBS 2TV drama ‘The Princess’s Man’. Because of this, when Moon Chae Won’s name comes up, it’s a fact that her sageuk image is strong.




However, Moon Chae Won has emphasized the reality that she has attempted more modern projects than sageuks after her debut. Actually, Moon Chae Won has challenged modern projects more through SBS’s ‘Mackeral Run’, KBS 2TV’s ‘Please Take Care Of The Lady’, SBS’s ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl’, SBS’s ‘Brilliant Legacy’ and KBS 2TV’s ‘Nice Guy’. Moon Chae Won relayed “Actually, I’ve only done two sageuk dramas and one sageuk movie. I’ve done more modern dramas. Since what I like appeals to me through projects, I think that I have done a lot of sageuks and I’m thankful that I have left a strong impression to the viewers whenever I act in a sageuk.”

Moon Chae Won has an affection for both genres and wants to attempt both of them without ommission of the other. “I don’t distinguish between sageuks and modern dramas and I like that. As an actress who likes that sensibility, I think sageuks are comfortable or that they’re not easy. The aspect that I like about sageuks is the aspect that the tone is slow. As it builds up and up, a very powerful time approaches. Since I know that aspect through experience, I really like that about sageuks.” Moon Chae Won also revealed another charm of sageuks. Seeing as they travel a lot, she thinks ‘there’s a place like this in our country?’ since she has been able to see many places.

However, the sageuks that Moon Chae Won, an actress of six years, likes, it still isn’t an easy genre for her. Moon Chae Won spent a very difficult time during the beginning of KBS 2TV’s ‘The Princess’s Man’ when she received harsh criticism.

“I didn’t have any experience in that time period and I didn’t have a tolerable endurance for it. Since I’m a person of the present, the character was difficult, I left the easy things and having a command of that old language was difficult. Despite the difficulty in sageuk speak, I liked the challenge of sageuks and wanted to express that character. I knew that deficiency myself rather early. I wonder if I’ll end up doing sageuks in the future in that section. I have to supplement this part slowly.”

However, last year Moon Chae Woon accepted the criticism from the viewers about her acting ability and showed off transformation as the episodes aired, winning the Top Excellence Actress award, achieving something splendid. At the same time, Moon Chae Won revealed her feelings, catching attention by saying “I end up seeing how deficient I am, so everyday when I go to the filming site, it’s like I’m going there to fight. What I learned through the projects is that I really love this struggle. Since it’s a project that allowed me to know this, it’s very significant to me.”

Last year Moon Chae Won swept the Best New Actress Awards at the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards and the 48th Grand Bell Awards through the movie ‘Arrow The Ultimate Weapon’. To that extent, the sageuk genre is the genre that has given many awards to Moon Chae Won. However, the affection that Moon Chae Won gets in modern dramas isn’t relatively small. As for the strengths of modern dramas, Moon Chae Won stated “They’re really speedy. There’s a lot of stories and like a rage, there’s a lot of equipment that can be set up. The point that there are many characters who can’t be passive is a strong point.”

Meanwhile, Moon Chae Won is receiving praise because of image transformation in the recently finished popular drama ‘Nice Guy’. Expectations for what image Moon Chae Won will step in front of the people next year is already gathering since she showed off different images in Nice Guy, such as the childish daughter in love to the courageous woman who was a violent chaebol daughter.


Translation: therealcz @ Hallyu Interview


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