Flower Boy Next Door’s Park Shin Hye Reveals Her Glowing, Perfect ‘School Uniform Appearance’

9 Jan

Flower Boy Next Door’s Park Shin Hye revealed her superior school uniform appearance.

Park Shin Hye, who has perfectly transformed into the ‘Urban Rapunzel’ who severed herself from the world due to a past scar in the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama Flower Boy Next Door, shows off her pure image in a school uniform still that made the hearts of those that saw the still flutter.

In the picture revealed on this day, Park Shin Hye is wearing a school uniform showing off her simple charms and capturing the attention of the netizens.  Park Shin Hye’s neatly combed long hair particularly fits the modifier ‘natural beauty’ and shows off her perfect school uniform appearance.

In the picture, during a scene where Park Shin Hye (Go Dok Mi) reminisces of the past, she shows herself decisively cutting herself off from the world through remembering her past trauma and that has increased the curiosity of the viewers.

Meanwhile, Flower Boy Next Door is based off the popular webtoon ‘I Peek At Him Every Day, and it’s a romantic comedy that cheerfully and lively unravels the modern ‘peeking mentality’.


Translation: therealcz @ Hallyu Interview


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