Love 911’s Han Hyo Joo “Is She Hiding Her Cheerfulness? It’s Just That It Isn’t Seen”

13 Jan

Has the actress Han Hyo Joo disappeared? No! Han Hyo Joo has shown up in a new way.

Han Hyo Joo plays the bubbly and rash doctor Misu in the movie Love 911, shattering her graceful image and even boasting about her sense for variety shows through appearing in SBS’s variety program Running Man. The expression ‘The Rediscovery of Han Hyo Joo’ is coming out. On the contrary, Han Hyo Joo asked “What kind of image do I have?”

Han Hyo Joo has assimilated into the graceful and pure female character in the drama “Dong Yi”and the movies “Only You” and “Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King”. The audience has no choice but to have the new feelings that the bubble Han Hyo Joo is a stranger.

After shaking her head, she said “It seems like I don’t have many opportunities to show a bright personality. Originally my personality was cheerful” while laughing with a bright smile.


Love 911’s speedy box office success is effective. Throughout the interview, a smile never came from her lips. Love 911 has passed two million viewers in four days and is seeing a similar development at the box office that Architecture 101 enjoyed.

“I purposely overdid it and my acting…My mind was at ease”
– The movie has been released and you’re meeting with the audience. What are your feelings about that?

“I like it but it’s also inconvenient. Having the thoughts of needing to share ‘Misu’ leaves some unsatisfaction. When spending time as a character, I don’t leave any lingering feelings, but in this work, I got attached to Misu and don’t want to leave her.”


– What is the sole reason you became attached?

“I have become bubblier thanks to Misu. I feel good about that. I feel like I’m floating in the air. However, I have to play a different character in my next project, Surveillance. It’s a role that I have to really collect my senses.”

– Misu is a character that is more bubbly than she was in the original work. While acting as her, there doesn’t seem to be any uncomfortable points.

“At first, being bubbly was awkward. After telling the director that I seemed to be overacting, he told me overact some more. From the beginning, I comfortably filmed without any worries. I calmed myself down and acted comfortably.”

– Did your personality become brighter? What did you learn from playing Misu?

“It seems like I learned to not suppress my emotions and to express myself. If I hold my emotions, I have the tendency to vent my emotions all at once. I think that it’s good to express my feelings or opinion directly.”

“Go Soo’s nickname is Gortle (play on the word turtle)…It’s the first time with this kind of person”

– What kind of person is your partner, Go Soo?

“A good person? He’s very interesting.”

– Go Soo has said about himself that he’s a person who is slow to react. Isn’t that frustrating?

“His nickname is gortle. (Laughs) However, I have never felt frustrated because of him. It’s actually refreshing. It’s refreshing to the point where I thought ‘It’s the first time with this kind if person.”

-Is there a special reason?

“There’s no special reason. It’s just that it’s the first time being with someone like Go Soo. Every time we were at the filming location, his appearance was different. When I see someone, I think “this person is this kind of person,” but with Go Soo, I can’t understand what kind of person he is. He’s very unusual.”

– If you could define Go Soo with one term.

“Natural man. He really likes things like nature, mountains and trees. He’s peculiar, very peculiar.”

“I could use a rubber band real well during my school days…Mastered various skills”

– You recently ran a lot during Running Man.

“It’s been a long time since I had fun. During my school days, I really liked dodge ball and kick ball. As a result from my friends avoiding me while playing dodge ball, I was out of my senses.”

– Really? That’s unexpected of you.

“While attending school, as a dissenting vote, I ran. When I ran the 100m race, I did it in 15 seconds. While filming for Running Man, I really ran hard. The VJ that ran with me told me he expected to throw up because of the running. I’m very sorry.”

– So when you were resting, did you play with things like rubber bands?

“Pile driving, rubber bands, etc., I did them all indiscriminately. My legs kept advancing. I mastered various skills. (Laughs) I wore my gym clothes under my school uniform…Puhaha. I was the student who spent the ten minutes of our break in the most meaningful way.”

– How did you hide your variety sense this whole time?

“I did hide it. I’m not the type of person to hide things. (Laughs) It’s just that no one saw it. The image of my works kept piling up, so it seemed like I was hiding it.”

▶ “If you became an actress that we kept rediscovering…”

– People who have seen Love 911 and Running Man say it’s ‘the rediscovery of Han Hyo Joo’.

“There is a need for actors to hide their personality. If we revealed everything at once, eventually we would be depleted. I want to become an actress that gets rediscovered after I finish each project.”

– Do you want to be actress that’s like an onion?

“Right now I’m an onion-like actress. You peel and peel and I keep coming out. Haha. I’m saying that there’s a lot of me that I have left to show. So through my works, a new Han Hyo Joo will arise. In the future, I want to show various images of myself.”


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