Park Shin Hye Kissing A Puppy, “First Time Feeling Jealous of a Dog”

13 Jan

A picture of Park Shin Hye kissing a puppy has been revealed and is becoming a topic.

It’s a picture of Park Shin Hye playing with a puppy on the set of tvN’s Flower Boy Next Door.

The picture of Park Shin Hye kissing a dog is attracting attention.

This is the puppy Tae Jun is raising at home and he plays Hipo in the drama, where Tae Jun picked him up at the park on the same day Dok-mi fell for Tae Jun at first glance.

He has become Dok-mi’s object of interest and love along with Tae Jun, who Dok-mi peeks at with him knowing.

Actually, there’s a rumor that people didn’t know that Park Shin Hye’s love for Hipo doesn’t stop at the set. They say that when Park Shin Hye takes a break from filming, she’s hugging Hipo and playing with him, resulting in Shin Hye getting absorbed in playing with Hipo. Even the staff of envious of Hipo, which is receiving Park Shin Hye’s absolute love.

Meanwhile, Flower Boy Next Door is based off the popular webtoon ‘I Peek At Him Every Day, and it’s a romantic comedy that cheerfully and lively unravels the modern ‘peeking mentality’.  It airs on the 14th at 11 pm.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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