Yoon Si Yoon “Shun Deok Hoo”, Flower Boy Next Door’s Fatal Charm? Kisses That Smash Things To Pieces

16 Jan

The birth of Yoon Si Yoon “Shun Deok Hoo”.

In the episode of tvN’s Flower Boy Next Door that was broadcast on the 15th, Enrique Geum and Go Dok-mi’s driving trip to end Enrique’s 10-year-plus first love was broadcast.

The kiss scene between Enrique Geum and Go Dok-mi that happened from a coincidental mistake has made the hearts of the viewers flutter.

While they both had a little bit of interest of the other, the unintentional kiss scene that happened caused the interest of the viewers to increase.

Yoon Si Yoon has produced ‘Shun Deok Hoo’ through perfectly expressing Enrique Geum, the character  with a four-dimensional personality, who is a genius, and who holds pain from his first love.

Meanwhile, Flower Boy Next Door is a romantic comedy that cheerfully and lively unravels the modern ‘peeking mentality’ that shows the development of how the urban Rapunzel Go Dok-mi  gets discovered peeking at the man who lives across the street by flower boy Enrique Geum. It is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 11 pm.

(Translator Note: Shun Deok Hu is an invented word combining Yoon Si Yoon and otaku. So think of it meaning someone obsessed with Yoon Si Yoon.)


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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