The Calmingly Blooming Life Force, Park Shin Hye Interview (Part Two)

20 Jan

Part one is here.

  • · If you like someone for a long time, doesn’t it become tiring? It’s like my heart doesn’t get rewarded.

I didn’t want to end that relationship, so I wanted to keep him as a crush. As he becomes a person you miss over time, you have to be more careful with him. Later on, my heart that liked him became dull and didn’t see him as a crush, but as a good person, so I don’t think that’s bad.

  • · What attracted you to The Gift of the Seventh Room that lead to you deciding to appear in the movie?

I read the scenario of the movie while in an airplane and decided then. How I felt about the character Yong Gu (Ryu Seung Ryong) was a big factor. Also many great sunbaes were appearing in the movie (Ryu Seung Ryong, Oh Dal Soo, Park Won Sang, Kim Jung Tae, etc.) It was good that I could act along with some actors where it would be difficult to get them all in one project.

  • · Since you don’t show up in the trailer, is your character like a hidden card?

I appear as Yong Gu’s grown-up daughter. I don’t show up a lot in the movie, but I’m a character who becomes the gift of the seventh room. It might surprise you when you see it. (Laughs) The movie makes people laugh and can make people cry, it’s so sad it can make people laugh…it’s a movie that has everything.

  • · When you look at it, you had an unexpected reception to playing a supporting role in Cyrano. Does there seem to be specific criterion to appear in a movie?

I attempt to find characters that I have challenged before in movies. In Cyrano, I had one foot dipped into the character Min Young’s circumstances, but when I dipped the other foot in, I was watching it. It was very interesting. As I’m able to move through characters’ relations as much as I can, I find that interesting. Therefore I can learn more. I’m thankful for when people say “I know why she decided to play that character.”

  • · You debuted in the 2003 drama Stairway to Heaven and this will be your 10th year since your debut. Do you feel anything?

Truthfully, I don’t feel anything. My dream was not to act when I was younger. I started this work incidentally, and while doing so I’ve been living a new life and meeting a new version of myself, so that’s really amazing. Looking at how the time has slowly gone by to where I’m over 20 years old, it became my reality. Coming back to reality, there are times that I feel pain, but at the crossroads of the ten years that passed, I still think of acting as fun. When I think of things I like as work, everything seems to end there.

  • · Since you personally think that acting is fun, obstinately grading your report card over the past ten years seems to have no meaning to you.

That’s right. People say “You don’t have the luck of having high ratings”, but to me, what kind of person should I meet and how should I express this emotion have more meaning to me. I’m not the kind of person who really cares about others.

  • · However, there are intellectuals who say “Can’t I explode more?” Is there a Park Shin Hye work that makes people say “Ah, that one!”? When it comes to your mass appeal, are there any unsatisfying aspects?

Lately it seems that I have to have a strong image so that people remember me. For example, Shin Se Kyung’s “innocent glamour”. I’ve been thinking that if only there was a phrase like that to describe me, I would become a topic of interest, so it seems like I really need something like that. However, people are starting to respond to me a little bit, so I believe that my star will eventually shine. If I consistently do that I’m doing, I think that I can do it for a long time. Say that my star gets too bright and if I end up in a situation where there was absolutely no preparation, that light won’t be able to manage that situation.  In order to meet that light, I think that I have to work quite hard now.

  • · But there is a phrase to describe you. “Randy Shinhye”!

Hahaha. That’s one. (The nickname Randy Shinhye comes from when Park Shin Hye threw out the first pitch at a baseball game. Her form resembled Randy Johnson’s delivery, so that nickname stuck with her.)

  • · Since when did you like baseball?

When I first threw out the first pitch in 2006, I didn’t have any interest in baseball. However, I went to university and sat and watched the game correctly and it was very interesting. I started to have a lot of interest since then. I supported the Kia Tigers from my parents’ hometown of Gwangju. When they won the title in 2009, there was a big commotion. While I was filming You’re Beautiful, I watched it on the TV in the cafeteria. When Na Ji Won hit the walk-off homerun, I threw my spoon and yelled. I cried, no joke.

  • · Why is baseball so interesting?

I love the sound of a ball flying into a glove and the sound of the ball coming off of the bat. There’s this feeling of hitting and robbing a home run. Going from first base to second, and from second to third is really exciting. Cheering is also fun, but being full of energy is good.

  • · When it is depressing socially, sports thrive.

That’s right. That’s why we have to gain vitality like this, though it isn’t living. It’s be great if things like add up. It seems like lately the mountains are disappearing and stadiums are disappearing too. While the buildings are standing, having no places for humans to stand is very disappointing. It’d be good if society changed so that we could live healthily. Lately it’s very chaotic….

  • · What’s a secret method for healing that only belongs to you?

The puppies at our house. I really like animals. I also like riding my bicycle. My bicycle is a Pixie, so it has no gears, and it speeds up as I pedal. Going up an uphill road is tough (laughs). Watching the flowing river as I listen to music is the best healing for me. Like how it’s cold now, I like to wrap myself up in a warm blanket, eat tangerines and read comics. (Laughs) Lately I’ve been enjoying parties with my friends.

I hope 2013 is a year that governs me well
  • · We’ll go back to talking about acting. When do you feel that it’s okay to continue living as an actress?

I haven’t thought that. Rather than worry about “it’s okay to live”, I worry whether “I can continue doing this”. This isn’t something where I can say “I want to do this”. I have to put in effort so that people can like me when they see me. As long as I can do it, I want to keep doing it.

  • · Can you pick three works that ‘created’ Park Shin Hye over the past ten years?

The work that gave me the biggest influence was Stairway to Heaven. The ratings for the first episode were 26 percent. As a child actress, having ratings that high was great. Originally we were supposed to change to the adult actors in the middle of episode 2, but since the ratings were good, we waited until episode 3. The second work would have to be Tree of Heaven, where I got my first lead role. Having a 16 year old girl as the heroine was very difficult, but director Lee Jang Soo said he would make it happen. Lastly, You’re Beautiful was the first project I did when I became an adult. It was when I was able to get my start as the actress Park Shin Hye and not as a child actress.

  • · The Hallyu Star label has been attached to you because of You’re Beautiful.

That’s right. I was really blessed.

  • · Do you have any plans of doing overseas activities?

Right now I’m preparing for an overseas fan meeting. I’m expecting an Asian tour that will last about a month and a half, but there’s a lot of talk about having the tour. While there are people who say “What do you mean an Asian tour? Go act or something”, but I think of it as an opportunity given to me. Since it’s possible now, what will I do later if I don’t know how it would turn out? As long as I can do it now, I’ll work hard and do my best.

  • · I heard you’ve been doing this with your manager for over 9 years. Seeing that, I think of you as a person who doesn’t change.

As I live, he’s the person always by my side, there’s a person I want to things with. While I do this work, there are many meetings and partings that pass. I haven’t changed during that time. There are people who protect me and there people who I want to protect. My manager is one of those people. My friends in high school too. Despite starting this work when I was a kid, I was able to live as the 17-year-old high school student Park Shin Hye because of my friends. Although I have a lot of actor friends and know a lot of oppas and unnies in the entertainment world, I can show my most comfortable side when I’m with my friends.

  • · Have you ever heard “You’ve changed”?

I’ve heard “it seems like you’ve become really edgy.” I heard those words when it became edgy and I couldn’t look around my surroundings, but that doesn’t mean my character changed. Even my parents hated me being without manners, so they pointed out to me “Who are you? Go outside if you’re going to be like that.” I liked the situation around us and the people, so I could live well. If I was living a good life, I was lonely so I couldn’t live. I was mixing within my bounds, so I had to live.

  • · The reasons that stars receive a lot of money is due to the price of fame, but it can be the price to all of the stress that celebrities have to endure. There needs to be a process where you can control the rage inside.

That’s right. Though I don’t scream, when I’m alone, I say “That’s annoying!” so people can’t hear it. (Laughs) However I have a positive personality so I quickly forget. Even when I receive scars, it seems like I can overcome because of the people around me. People say the word “public figure”, in a nation of public figures, it’s saying that about a person who is like an acknowledged politician. Although an actor is a job where we show ourselves to people, we don’t live off of citizens’ tax money. Since many people see us, we have a lot of things we have to protect, we’re the same kind of person (as politicians). Since we just talked about this, I suddenly thought that I need to receive a high fee for this. (Laughs)

  • · Finally, do you have any wishes for this year?

Instead of “hoping my work does well”, spending time without being angry, while being thankful and laughing would be great. I have thought a lot about how much my heart has shrunken last year. This year it would be good to be generous to myself when the time arises and to scold myself when the time arises. I want carry that composure in my heart and appear in front of people.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


2 Responses to “The Calmingly Blooming Life Force, Park Shin Hye Interview (Part Two)”

  1. iphan February 28, 2013 at 6:10 am #

    Thank you ~
    Still don’t know who she has a crush on….
    Reading Shinhye interview I find she’s a very clever with words and smart at answering questions. Another thing to be admired.

  2. JJ January 11, 2014 at 12:05 am #

    Everybody is so eager to know who she has a crush with and why don’t she just give some hint!

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