Jung Ryeo Won “Dramas Should Only Be 50 Minutes Like American Dramas”

21 Jan

Jung Ryeo Won gave her opinion on the drama production environment.

As the recent SBS Monday Tuesday drama “The King of Dramas” was about to finish, Jung Ryeo Won said in an interview “It would be nice if the drama production environment really did change.”

Last year, Jung Ryeo Won the Top Excellence Award For A Miniseries at the SBS Drama Awards and revealed that she thought about the drama production environment.  It would be terrific if the sets really improved next year. Creating dramas should be healthy and I think the number of pre-produced dramas will be a lot.” She also stated “In essence, it would be great if a lot of help was provided. I hope they are concerned for and think about the people involved.”

In regards to this, Jung Ryeo Won said “Everyone says since there aren’t any good examples of pre-produced dramas, we can’t do it. Whether it turns out well or not, isn’t it something we have to try?” She added to that by saying “The reason why it can’t be done seems to be related to an economic factor and I don’t know to handle this problem. I plan to do anything I can do myself.”

In regards to the 72 minute broadcast, Ryeo Won is confident by saying “It’s too long. Fifty minutes is fine and they should be aired like American dramas. There are people who have experienced the pain of the limits of the 72 minute episode. If episodes were around 50 minutes per episode, that would be great.”

Jung Ryeo Won expressed her desires to have things be a lot better if the environment improved just a little bit by frankly stating “Our team got to rest for a day because of the drama awards and we filmed an episode in three days.  We had to move a lot and the scripts came out then, so we quickly had to film.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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