Park Ha Sun “Femme Fatale•Shocking Exposure…Would That Fit Me Around 30?”

22 Jan

When Park Ha Sun was a kid, she wanted to become an actress like Shim Eun Ha. However, now that she has turned 25, Park Ha Sun has calmly acknowledged “Although I want to resemble Shim Eun Ha, I can’t follow her.” Instead of blindly following her role model, Park Ha Sun’s decision is to work hard to create her own color in her mid 20s.

– Many people think Vocal Clinic’s Dong-joo resembles Park Ha Sun’s character in High Kick 3.

People who see Dong-joo and Ha Sun being similar will exist. However the easy going part isn’t different. If High Kick 3’s Ha Sun is a coy, pretty girl who can’t do things correctly, then Dong-joo is a fatal girl who has no interest in dating. (Laughs) At first I rejected to appear in Vocal Clinic. However, since there weren’t any opportunities for me to show off how easy going that I am, it would be a work that I would regret not appearing in. If there is one thing regrettable about movies, it is that they are really slanted toward to comedy genre.

– Is there any difference in the way you’re treated after appearing as the main heroine in your first commercial film?

There’s enough of a difference now that there’s a personal seat for me. (Laughs) However there’s no time for me to sit down, and when sunbaes are around, I can’t even rest by myself. I have received a lot of questions about the burden of being the heroine, but honestly, I barely feel any burden. Since the scenario reading, Yoon Sang Hyun, Park Chul Min, Kim Hae Sook, etc. were very interesting. I’m expected to place the spoon on the set dining table. (Laughs)

– Although it’s a comedy, there’s romance with Yoon Sang Hyun. Do you feel his charms as a man?

In the movie, Dong-joo has another guy she has a crush on. So I acted as if I crashed against a brick wall when it came to Yoon Sang Hyun’s Shin Hong. Although his image has changed, while filming, he’s a very talkative, loud, and interesting sunbae. Yoon Sang Hyun is a sunbae who is playful like a kid and is overflowing with energy. In the far future after my image in the movie dilutes, I want to match up with Yoon Sang Hyun in a legitimate melodrama.

– Yoon Sang Hyun confessed to you without even attempting to saying “I like you”.

At first I thought that was part of the movie’s promotions. Yoon Sang Hyun said “Even if you pretend to be nice and pretty, I like you.” Of course in the beginning he was expecting the image from me of Dong Yi’s Queen In Hyun or High Kick 3’s Park Ha Sun, but was very disappointed. To add to that, he said a spiteful remark like “You’re pretty on screen, but why do you look like this in real life?” (Laughs) Truthfully, since I didn’t manage my body during the filming of Vocal Clinic, I put on a lot of weight.

– Hasn’t Yoon Sang Hyun’s image really changed a lot too?

Back in the day I used to think he was a haggard, keen, and taciturn actor. But he’s the opposite. He’s womanly and talkative, and for pure for his age. When we filmed in the countryside, he shot me with a water gun and ran away. He received gifts from his Japanese fans. He was at a loss as to what to say. (Laughs) Purity is essential for actors, and I’m awaiting the ’40-year-old cutie’ Yoon Sang Hyun in the future.

– How would you like to have a ’40-year-old cutie’ for a boyfriend? (Laughs)

I haven’t thought of that but it seems like it would be pleasurable. Yoon Sang Hyun’s strength and weakness is his talkativeness. Because of that, I feel like he’s a female colleague instead of a male colleague. He’d be a comfortable talking partner. (Laughs)

– What is your true ideal man?

I like a man with a man-like style. However he has to be kind and only have eyes for me. I really like Yoo Jun Sang and the man I matched up with in the movie Champ, Cha Tae Hyun. Lately my eyes have been wandering toward the child actor Yeo Jin Goo. Originally I didn’t like light voices, but Yeo Jin Goo’s voice is very man-like. (Laughs)

– Upon hearing what you said, different from your appearance, it seems like you can actively have a crush on someone.

I’m a person who can actively ask someone out and confess to them in person. Truthfully, I have confessed to someone I had a crush on. Consequentially I have failed many times, so now I don’t plan on confessing first. (Laughs) However I’m still young, so I’m more attracted to people I like instead of people who like me. Wouldn’t it be okay to meet someone who likes me when it’s time to get married? (Laughs)

– Due to your personality, despite acting that goes wrong, it seems like you can resolutely dive into your character.

I’m comfortable since there are many similarities between Dong-joo and I. As the person Park ha Sun, the image I show of myself every day is in fact true, but through acting when I sublimate myself, I like hearing that I did well. It’s not acting. (Laughs) However acting gracefully isn’t hard. Dong Yi’s Queen In Hyun wasn’t me. Whenever we monitored the scenes, I was amazed, saying myself “Wah, who is that elegant lady in the court?” (Laughs)

– However, your many male fans are expecting your elegance from Queen In Hyun or your primness from High Kick 3.

I don’t like receiving love only from men. In popular culture, women aren’t in leading fields. After Dong Yi and High Kick 3, the number of female fans went down so I got upset. Back then, female fans would come up to me saying “I’m your fan,” but after those two projects, I heard “My boyfriend is a fan, so please sign” a lot more. I did Vocal Clinic to recover the love of female fans with an easy-going image. (Laughs)

– What do you usually do in your normal life when you’re not acting?

I meet with close friends, go shopping and watch Japanese dramas. Not long ago, I went out and had fun with Baek Jin Hee, who I matched up with in High Kick 3, while just wearing sunglasses in Samchungdong. Without makeup and wearing a hat, no one realized it was me. Seeing as I use public transportation frequently, not even once did anyone recognize me as the actress Park Ha Sun. (Laughs) However since High Kick 3 did well, my popularity seems to have gone up a bit.

– It seems you  become very close with actors you meet in your works.

That’s right. I even meet up with the Dong Yi team, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Jin Hee, Lee So Yeon, etc. once every few months. Han Hyo Joo has the movie ‘Love 911’ upcoming where she’s the lead and my anticipation for it is big. I also want to film a melodramatic movie like that.

– For what kind of character and genre do you have ‘greed’ for?

It seems like I can do a sexy femme fatale. (Laughs) I’ve thought that I could become an actress that could assimilate into a shocking bed scene around 30 years old. For now, I mainly want to do bubbly romance. I’ll eventually have to do 19+ works, but I want to attempt that at a time when no one thinks I’m awkward when they see me in that kind of work. I think I can ‘expose’ myself well. I want to show off a beautiful, emotional sexiness like Son Ye Jin did April Snow or Kim Min Seon in Portrait of a Beauty.

– What do you think your own strengths are as an actress?

The strength I’m most confident in is the fact that I don’t show what affects me? (Laughs) With a comfortable appearance, whatever role I have, I do what I can freely, so that seems like a good point. In the beginning, I wanted to focus on the romantic innocent beauty of every actress, but my work seemed to have been cut off. I wanted to become like my role model Shim Eun Ha, but I couldn’t follow her, so in the end I showed off my own natural colors. I still have a lot left to show.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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