Han Ji Min’s One Awesome Day

25 Jan

In the summer, we met and parted ways with Han Ji Min and greeted us by saying “We meet again.” Also, on the final day of December, we met again. Even though the seasons have changed three times or so, she is as beautiful as ever. “I came back from my trip. I went to San Diego and San Francisco with my older sister. We rented a car and traveled every nook and corner. We even ate delicious food without having any Won, and it seemed like we had come to America to have a really great time.” While bringing up her travels, we couldn’t find any trace of sensitiveness from her as she was smiling brightly with the awards upcoming. Like that day last summer, she was bright, calm, and warm. “I’ll change my clothes and come back.” She went to the dress room and soon appeared wearing a black dress that exposed her shoulders. It’s been a while since I’ve held a spot in public, so I’m worrying about it. I want to show off a new appearance every time, but truthfully, there has been a time where I chose a bad awards dress, so I’m not getting too greedy this time. Haha.” The black chiffon dress by SOUHAIT de BLANC emphasizes her breasts and slender waist, creating a more dramatic line. “This isn’t a style I try very often. I’ve worn many mini-dresses, but this dress is getting the best response.  Rather than hearing that my awards dress is pretty or not, it’s more important to me that it’s a dress that matches me.” As soon as she finished her explanation, her stylist Han Hye Yeon adjusted Han Ji Min’s dress and added to what Ji Min said. “Although it’s a classic dress, we prepared a dress that had the added modern and lovely feeling to it. The end of the year drama awards are different from the film festivals, so we had to add some popular elements to it so that the public and actress’s satisfaction would go up. With the black color, we intended to direct a more elegant and classic feeling, doesn’t it match Ji Min well?” Just like Han Hye Yeon’s statement, the chiffon dress that makes Han Ji Min remind us of a black swan fits her perfectly. Although her necklace had countless crystals and she was wearing beautiful shoes, the brightest thing was her face. “Until now, I mainly had clear and transparent makeup on, today I gave a little more ‘oomph’ to my eyes and lips.  With my eyes black and gray, my lips were done by giving off a Black Rose feeling. My eyeliner was penciled in and spread after that. Truthfully, I spread enough BB cream on my skin even though none of my pores are visible.” Jenny House’s Director Seo Hee Young, in charge of makeup, gave praise to Han Ji Min’s clear skin. Although born with different skin, seeing as she’s an actress, she has to work hard to maintain that clear skin tone in her everyday life. “The thing that I think is the most important is moisture. With the awards a few days away, I applied a lot of moisture packs. I worry even more during the winter since the air gets dry. I place moisture cream by my bed and as soon as I wake up, I apply the cream. Instead of using one foundation makeup product for a long time, I leave several products by my bed and change to the product that would best suit by skin condition that day and use it. While going on a light trip, I did my makeup naturally without people being able to tell whether or not I applied eyeliner. While I didn’t apply a different tone of makeup, I used my eyelash curler a little bit and since it gives off a different feeling, I always bring it with me.”

The hair artist Cha Hong tied up her plentiful hair, making her long, slender neckline and soft shoulder line stand out more. “This dress gives off a dramatic feeling and the hair naturally expresses that. Since the ponytail itself could be seen as boring, the hair in the back is a little uneven to give it more volume.” The five or six staff members surround her and busily start to move; Han Ji Min exchanges opinions with the staff members about all of her styling, cautiously and meticulously checking everything. “Whenever I’m working, I want to rest, but that’s just temporary. Whenever I see a movie or drama, my desire to work is earnest. Recently I watched the movie Les Miserables and fell for Anne Hathaway’s awesome acting. While just thinking of her as a pretty actress, she acts well, she sings well and short hair fits her well, I got shocked seeing her appearance. ” For the actress who had a precious and valuable 2012 compared to others because of Padam Padam and Rooftop Prince, she said it would be great if 2013 would be as satisfying as this year. “As an actress, the happiest days are when I encounter a great project. The two projects I encountered this year had two roles I hadn’t attempted, and being able to do the projects with good staff members made me happy. It seems like I’ll remember this year as a very thankful year due to receiving a lot of love.” She greeted the staff one by one and got in the car, arriving one hour later with this appearance. She stood on stage winning three trophies:  Top 10 Stars Award, Best Couple Award, and Top Excellence Award, Actress – Drama Special. Her bright and shining moments are piling up.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


5 Responses to “Han Ji Min’s One Awesome Day”

  1. Anonymous January 25, 2013 at 5:32 pm #

    thank you very much for the translations. She’s awesome

  2. ester elisa (@be5t4r) January 26, 2013 at 12:25 am #

    @the real CZ ….thank you soooooo much..
    you are my savior from my hangul illiteracy illness….
    thank you once again thereal……

  3. therealcz January 26, 2013 at 7:32 am #

    No problem guys. Han Ji Min is one of my favorites, so I love to translate her interviews.

  4. Anon Nymous June 13, 2013 at 12:48 am #

    Hi there! Thanks for the translation. Can you translate this from a 2009 Elle interview with her and her sister? I can’t seem to find the translation for this anywhere. Thanks!!
    “서로에게 관심을 귀울여요”


    마치 쌍둥이처럼 보인다.외모는 닮았지만 성격은 정반대다. 언니는 외향적이라서 주위에 항상 친구들이 많았다. 그에 비해 나는 모범생이고 원칙주의자였다(한지민). 지민이는 나보다 언니처럼 늘 챙겨줬다. 기억력도 너무 좋고 말도 조리 있게 해서 항상 긴장하게 만드는 동생이었다(한상민). 서로가 그리울 때는 언제인가?늘 보고 싶고 궁금하다. 우리나라에 있을 때도 조그만 것도 언니와 상의했다. 지금 언니가 호주에 사는데 거리가 멀어져도 변함없다. 누구보다 언니와 전화통화를 자주한다(한지민). 필요할 때 옆에 못 있어 주는 게 가장 안타깝다. 자주 한국에 들어오려고 노력한다(한상민). 계획하고 있는 이벤트가 있다면?얼마 후에 언니, 형부와 함께 일본으로 놀러갈 거다. 일부러 방도 하나만 잡았다. 꼭 붙어다닐 거다(한지민). 서로에게 바라는 것이 있다면?아이를 정말 좋아하는데 어서 빨리 조카가 있었으면 좋겠다(한지민). 동생이 늘 행복하고 건강했으면. 그리고 언제나 지민이의 얘기를 들을 준비가 돼 있다(한상민).

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