Han Ji Min, In Blossoms

26 Jan

Han Ji Min, who has been living the life of an actress for 10 years, her face is now becoming a little more three dimensional. We didn’t fall for it when she expressed that it was just good luck. While saying “It still feels like acting isn’t my calling,” how couldn’t someone love this actress who doesn’t give up and bumped into new roles while expanding herself?

“There was only one scene in a drama that I was personally satisfied with. Anyone could express this as wandering, but I think of it as a process. I challenged my next project because I was satisfied with that one scene. I’m the type who puts in effort. Even now I constantly think about it and worry about it.”

CeCi  Last week, Rooftop Prince was first in ratings amongst the Wednesday-Thursday dramas.
Han Ji Min  If one work stands out too much, even I lose energy, and thankfully that’s not the case here. All three have different interesting points, and it’s good that it’s a very competitive situation.
CeCi  A few days ago, in the related terms on a portal site, “Halli Raye” came up. It seemed very shocking to the viewers, but did you enjoy acting it yourself?
Han Ji Min  The script just said “use your own abilities”, so I asked the three “minions” (Jung Seok Won, Lee Min Ho, Choi Woo Shik) for advice.  They advised to use terms like “gorae” and “hilli raye” in my private lesson of recent slang to make people laugh. Truthfully, because those three couldn’t hold back their laughter, we couldn’t save the best cut due to all of the NGs they caused. We did a closeup, but I’m disappointed it didn’t show up. Those three said it would be best if it wasn’t revealed. (Laughs)
CeCi  The fellow actors’ average age has dropped. What’s different on set now?
Han Ji Min  I’ve taken the role of a senior who looks after others. Jung Woo Sung had that role on the Padam Padam set. At that time, I thought “there’s a lot of work that seniors have to do,” but now if I think that, I’m thankful. Now that I finally have to do it, it seems hard.
CeCi  When you learned that Park Yoochun would be playing the prince Yi Gak, what hunch did you have?
Han Ji Min  I thought he would do well in a role that crosses from a sageuk to a modern day drama. I had fun watching Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I used to have a prejudice against idol singers, but not anymore. Looking at Yoochun, his level of concentration when he acts isn’t inferior to an actor and he has other positive aspects too.
CeCi  It feels like there’s a tough side to you after seeing the scene where you scold the three minions.
Han Ji Min  It’s fun. People I’m close with say it’s good that my real side comes out through this role. Of course, I don’t yell like that.
CeCi  I expected you to have a calm personality.
Han Ji Min  There’s is a calm side to me. However my personality has changed a little bit. As a child I was very gentle and didn’t talk, but I was animated when I was an adolescent. While debuting as an actress, I was always intimidated. I didn’t feel like the staff was my family. I felt the air change on set as I gained experience and worked joyfully as a heroine. So I became more animated and energetic. Originally, I was a person who became more familiar with someone the longer I spent with them, so it’s the same with my works and being on set. Even while meeting with friends, I just follow along without saying anything. However, I’m animated with my family. Since I’m the youngest, the atmosphere livens up when we go on vacation or go drinking.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


2 Responses to “Han Ji Min, In Blossoms”

  1. ester elisa (@be5t4r) January 27, 2013 at 9:03 pm #

    I’m sure the scene is the purpose Han Ji Min that personally she was satisfied was the scene, when she was poetry with the king, in the garden of Bu Yong

    • guylyn alindayu September 26, 2014 at 1:13 pm #

      she is the crown princess until now 🙂 that drama it remains in a million of fans that they keep it in their hearts 2 years past now but they still talking about until now.Park ha and lee gak,Han Jimin nand Park yoochun…love,love and love ❤

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