Han Ye Seul is as Pretty as Ever

27 Jan

It’s been one year since you did a pictorial with Allure last year. In that time you released one movie, did you lower your tempo on purpose?
I had no intention of pushing and pulling with the fans. As I rest more, I have become more careful.  I think “what do I do if I disappoint them?” I have become much more cautious.

Have you attempted any transformations without anyone knowing during your rest period?
While acting, I have to maintain the image of the role, so I can’t cut my hair, get a perm nor dye my hair because of that. In the past when I was resting between projects, I enjoyed dying my hair to a mixture between yellow and orange. This time I wanted a new challenge too, but my hair was too damaged, so I didn’t get anything changed at the beauty parlor.

Your hair was damaged to the point where you couldn’t dye your hair? That’s not easy to imagine. It seemed like you always maintained your overflowing hair.
In everyday life, I don’t care of my hair that well. Since I haven’t shot any CFs lately, I haven’t really cared.

Despite that, your hair looks great now. Same with your skin.
During a pictorial, it’s the magic of a hair designer and a makeup artist. Haha. Truthfully, it seems like I was born with this skin. In everyday life, I really like applying makeup and do it often, but despite not worrying about cleansing, my skin is always in good condition. However, since I don’t fret over managing my skin day-to-day, I don’t get stressed, so it seems that’s the effect I get for not worrying. There have been many occasions where I excessively worried about my skin and had a lot of makeup products ready to use.

When you do your own make up in normal life, what kind of style do you do often?
Whenever I’m in Korea, it seems like I always end up doing my makeup half-heartedly. The anticipated image of me from my fans always seems to be a loveable image. I enjoy when I do my makeup lightly over having thick makeup and receiving compliments. In America, my eyes are black like a panda and I can even travel outside like that. I can’t do that in Korea.

Seeing as how you’ve gotten prettier while you’ve been resting, it seems like sleep is  a better tonic than the commonly talked about “camera massage”.
It seems that way. While normally resting, I have the time to recharge. That recharge also seems to apply to my skin.

When does it seem like it’s the heyday as the actress Han Ye Seul and the woman Han Ye Seul? Completely decide based on outward aspects.
Right now. When I was younger, I was definitely more fresh and resilient, but the mature image I have now makes it seem like now is my heyday.

If you say now is your heyday, what about when you get older? Aren’t there any burdens to getting older?
Why aren’t there any burdens? Wrinkles will start appearing and the vigor of youth will decrease. Instead, can’t I obtain a mature beauty that time gives me? Even if I remain still, there will be people who feel good energy. I want to become such a person. Of course, I’ll have to manage myself very well.

It seems like you’ve heard “you’re pretty” many times.
Aside from today’s photoshoot, I’ve heard questions many times asking me if I have cared for more eyes in particular.

Is there a secret to beautiful eyes?
It seems management and interest are important. Recently I upgraded to an HDTV, and during an ad or drama, you can clearly see eyes being bloodshot. When I appear on set, there are many times where I use lenses the whole time, so if I carelessly wear them, my eyes will become bloodshot right away.

You’re using lenses today too.
In order to match today’s concept of “An Actress With Beautiful Eyes” naturally, I’m wearing Bausch+Lomb’s Naturelle Daily circle lenses so that my eyes look profound. When my eyes look natural, that’s when I’m the prettiest. While modeling and wearing the circle lenses, I learned many styling tips. I didn’t just learn about hair, makeup, and the right color for eye makeup, but found out many methods to wear accessories like earrings and necklaces.

Have you come upon any secrets to caring for your eyes while being a lenses model? Like something you have to keep secret?
While wearing eye lenses the whole time, my eyes get dry, so dry eye can be pretty severe. During the change of seasons, you need to really meticulously care for your eyes. Even though you say you care, complicated things are difficult to get done, so I meticulously care about using (saline) solution. I use Bausch+Lomb’s BioTrue, so I carefully make sure my eyes are moist.  I have heard while being a cosmetic product model that the product is supplemented with Hyaluronic acid.

Your makeup is hiding something, but your lenses can be seen. Does it seem like it can be more burdensome to be a lenses model than a makeup product model?
I worried a lot at first since bloodshot eyes come out very well. However, since I used the lenses, it’s clearly different.

What kind of products does the woman Han Ye Seul who has been recharging have in her pouch?
In everyday life, my lips, hands, feet, my whole body gets dry easily. So I carry products to moisturize myself like hand cream, lip balm and lip gloss. If I don’t have hand cream, I can’t even wash my hands. After washing my hands, I can feel a roughness on my hands. I hate that. I have to take black eyeliner with me. Pens tend to excessively show themselves, and pencils spread well, so I carry gel eyeliner.

You really seem to do makeup a lot. Your eyes are glowing since we’re talking about makeup products.
In everyday life, I do styles that are vastly different from the lovely woman style. I have even done smoky makeup that would match some who rides Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Can we see an appearance from you like that up close?
Next year I will energetically do activities. It seems like I have rested enough now. I’ll appear with an appearance full of energy.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview



2 Responses to “Han Ye Seul is as Pretty as Ever”

  1. ester elisa (@be5t4r) January 27, 2013 at 9:28 pm #

    I fell in love with Han Ye seul in couples or trouble and increasingly fall in love again after watching Will it snow on Christmass and spy myung wool …
    I would anticipate a change of Han Ye Seul….hehehehe….

    • therealcz January 27, 2013 at 10:12 pm #

      I started following Ye Seul when Spy Myung Wol was airing, then I watched Couple or Trouble and she shot up to #1 among my favorite actresses haha. Yeah, I’m hoping she has a project this year since she was really quiet in 2012.

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