Jin Se Yeon, A Special 20 Year Old “The Lasting Impressions From Bridal Mask and Five Fingers Rushed In At Once”

28 Jan

The memories of being 20 are precious to anyone, but being 20 is more special for the actress Jin Se Yeon. Despite being a rookie, she was very active this year, making three leading roles her own in the following dramas: SBS’s daily drama My Daughter the Flower, KBS 2’s Wednesday-Thursday drama Bridal Mask and SBS’s weekend drama Five Fingers.

At such a delicate age, don’t you work too hard? Yes. Since her debut, she has been striving to work on acting, and she has no dating experience because of that. What can she do about that? She has matched well with awesome actors like Choi Jin Hyuk, Joo Woon and Joo Ji Hoon with the love lines.

“From the beginning of the year, I had a lot of work. I attended university, and was busily filming My Daughter the Flower, Bridal Mask and Five Fingers. While I did feel the lasting impressions of a project once it finished, I didn’t have time for that. It seems like the lasting impressions from those dramas are all coming to me at the same time.”

In the recently aired Five Fingers, Jin Se Yeon showed her enthusiastic performance as Dah-mi, an affirmative girl who had the sense of perfect pitch. She had no time to remove herself from Bridal Mask’s Mok-dan, she ¬†immediately put on Dah-mi’s clothes. From the beginning, there was a lot of noise surrounding the drama, with T-ara’s Eunjung being kicked out and the controversy of being a makjang drama.

“There was a lot of burden in the beginning, but when I worried about it, I thought about whether this drama would do well or not. I had the heart to act where I would work hard in those role and avoid any damage. While acting as Dah-mi, there were no makjang elements for her, so there wasn’t anything difficult or anything I didn’t understand. However, I thought it must have been difficult for the other actors as I watched the broadcast.”

Truthfully, Jin Se Yeon doesn’t have any interest in the other sex and she doesn’t have any experience in dating. Despite this, she assimilated with the melodrama well along with Joo Ji Hoon and Ji Chang Wook in Five Fingers. According to Jin Se Yeon, she learns about dating and love through the written word. She laughed, saying “If I date later on, I think I can do well.”

“If a man confessed to me, I’d just say ‘Ah, that’s so. So you do like me’ and that would be the end. Even though I can’t date, I meet awesome oppas on the filming set, I get possessed by the characters, and I enjoy acting. (Laughs) In dramas, my love is always tragic, but truthfully, I wouldn’t want that. My ideal type is tender and considerate. A person who only has eyes for me.”

Jin Se Yeon matched up with Chae Shi Ra in Five Fingers and Jo Min Soo in My Daughter the Flower. As an actress, meeting with seniors such as Chae Shi Ra and Jo Min Soo further strengthened the foundation of her dream and gave her strength. “Chae Shi Ra is full of passion. Every time filming is finished, she asks the director ‘How was it? is there anything I have to do more of? Her appearance of taking care of minute parts was impressive. Jo Min Soo doesn’t look at the script on the site of the filming location and watching her act surprises me every time. One day, she’ll suggest to re-shoot a part from last week’s broadcast, and she’s a senior who doesn’t even overlook the small scenes. She’s really awesome.”

Jin Se Yeon chose Bridal Mask as the project that remains in her memory. Since she learned a lot of ‘firsts’ through this experience such as being in a period piece, action scenes, underwater shooting, and wire scenes, she chose Bridal Mask. Through Bridal Mask, as a bright and cheerful character, she was able to present a good energy to the audience.

“In the positive aspects of Mok-dan, I’m very similar. As I acted as her, it seemed like part of me got brighter. I acted as a character who was poor and polite, but in the future, I want to act as a character who is rich and acts rashly. A tomboy who has an ‘idiotic beauty’. As I get older, I want to act as a villain and a femme fatale.”

Jin Se Yeon, who debuted in 2010 in ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl’, held the heroine role in three dramas, getting her name known. She has recently realized that she has become an actress.

“Many people got to know me through Bridal Mask and Five Fingers. It’s amazing when people call me by my name ‘Jin Se Yeon’ instead of ‘Kkot-nim’ or ‘Mok-dan’. So that means I gained fans, right? There are a lot of fans who draw pictures of me and send me presents, so that becomes a source of strength for me. I’ll be taking a two-to-three month break, so please don’t forget about me!”



Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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