Lee Da Hae’s Spring Dress Look

31 Jan

“My mom wanted me to become an actress ever since I was a kid. I learned many things, like the violin, piano, cello, ballet, and children musicals. Back then, in lace clothing that my mom made me wear, she took a lot of pictures of me, and she sent those pictures to broadcast companies. I think this work may have been my destiny.”

“There aren’t just action scenes in Iris 2. I appear in beautiful and bright clothing in the affectionate scenes with Jang Hyuk. Even if I’m wearing these clothes while filming for the drama, it would be great. (Laughs)”

“I speak English well since I was raised in Australia. I have to study English from time to time so that I don’t forget it. I can also talk about everyday things in Chinese without it being too difficult. Studying foreign languages is my only hobby.”

She has a slender and soft body, and a small appearance that gives an “intelligent” feeling. Lee Da Hae, like a ballerina or figure spinning around on top of a music box in tune with the music, arouses our protective instinct, so she doesn’t quite match the image of an NSS agent.  “I spend most of my time at action school on days when I don’t have to film for IRIS 2. These days I’m learning the overheard kick.”

While she has acted as many different characters from Lotus Flower Fairy to Miss Ripley, she thought she was very far from the action genre. These days she has completely immersed herself in the role of Ji Soo Yeon in IRIS 2, going to work wearing a training uniform.  “Since we started off the project amazingly, the style of the clothes I normally wear changed too. During My Girl, I only wore beautiful and lovely  clothes of a princess and came to the set. While filming and promoting for IRIS 2, I’ve come to only wear comfortable training uniforms . Just like today’s jump suit training uniform. Thanks to these clothes, my shopping expenses dropped quickly. (Laughs)”

She added that while she doesn’t have as many running and rough action scenes like the male actors, seeing as she’s an elite NSS agent, she carries a pistol and her form has to be good. “Truthfully, for my action scenes, it would have been fine if I had not gone to action school, but I didn’t want to look awkward. Even for scenes where I stand still holding a pistol, I mastered the method to hold pistols correctly so that I appear like a real agent. I’m nervous that there’s a lot of regular action scenes left to shoot, but this time I want to hear how cool I am when I do those scenes. While filming with jang Hyuk, who I matched up with in Chuno, he told me to not do any dangerous action scenes, but ultimately while filming, I had the desire to do action scenes without relying too much on a stunt double.”

It had been a long time since she did a photo shoot, so she monitored each cut and checked her poses. If there was clothing she really wanted to wear, she would suggest to shoot another cut, showing off her great enthusiasm. With a personality where she penetrates anything she has struck, she learned Chinese in order to communicate with her fans and now she’s fluent. “After filming the Chinese drama Love Actually, I did a lot of CFs. It was thanks to me bright and cute character from My Girl. I studied hard to learn Chinese and since I was able to do interviews and talk through SNS (social networking sites) without interpretation, I think that’s why I have been received well in China.”

At times appearing as a easy-going tomboy and other times appearing as the cute maknae with a lot of aegyo, that’s just her lovely outer appearance, as she has a lot of desire on the inside and hints of a stubborn model student. “I like the anxiousness of standing in front of a camera. I’ve been in this position for ten years. I want to act for a long time in the future with my worrying and investigative mind. I want to do it with the fluttering emotions of liking someone rather than getting used to this.”

“Seeing as I’ve been going to action school, my muscles have become bigger. It seems like all actresses have to manage their bodies all the time. A while ago I went to an acupuncture office and they said I had a ‘*soyang’ body type, so chicken and duck meat would match my constitution. So lately I’ve been eating those two meats. I have always liked hearing words like that. (Laughs)”

“Whenever I read a scenario, I read the characters as the priority. Even if the story is good, if the character doesn’t possess persuasive ability, it’s difficult to get immersed in acting. Although there’s a lot of projects I missed, I have no regrets.

“Although this is a long interview, when the drama is over, I want to go back to Hungary, where I went for the purpose of filming. I didn’t get to rest for a single day and due to filming, I couldn’t look around the country, but it’s a very impressive place.

*Definition of soyang.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


3 Responses to “Lee Da Hae’s Spring Dress Look”

  1. apqaria January 31, 2013 at 12:48 pm #

    WOOOOW, thanks a lot dear for the translation. YOU ROCK 🙂

  2. ester elisa (@be5t4r) February 2, 2013 at 6:37 am #

    Lee Dae hee really really learned many things since she was a young girl…totally coated with Lee Dae Hae


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