Jung Ryeo Won “An Actress’s Position Is Not A Privelage”

2 Feb

“What I said wasn’t presumptuous, right?”

Jung Ryeo Won’s thoughts are becoming a hot topic after she won the Top Excellence Award at SBS’s Drama Awards Show last year. Her main point was that in order to create ‘healthy’ dramas, it would be great if the production sets were better. In comparison to Korean drama’s high quality, she pointed out that dark side of production needs to be improved.

It was offensive. However, someone definitely had to stand up and spit out those words, but no one expected it to be Jung Ryeo Won. Many were confused by that, but since it was an important discussion that had to be brought up, people clapped for her. A healthy production site isn’t only Jung Ryeo Won’s wish. Fellow actors, producers, directors and the viewers have the same wish.

The Jung Ryeo Won who held in her simple smile and came toward the public seems to have quickly grown up. She became an actress who predicted many things as her heart’s window expanded, and knew to look prudently at her surroundings as the valley of her thoughts deepened.  Though the three character word “actress” gives off an image, she’s a person where the distance between a bluff and sense of authority are far apart.

Jung Ryeo Won, who met with eNEWS at the Lotte Hotel in Sogong, Seoul melted the cold weather as she’s a warm person. Isn’t the reason for her shining and becoming more beautiful due to her mental attitude? I also imagined her appearance 30 years from now. Possessing the qualities of the exterior and interior, she has the possibility of becoming Korea’s Audrey Hepburn.

▶ Next is a series of questions and answers with Jung Ryeo Won.

– Last year at the end of the year Drama Awards Ceremony, you referenced a “healthy drama production landscape” and gained attention. It was an important remark, but honestly, when you revealed your thoughts, it seems like I was reading your facial expression.

“After mentioning the production landscape, I worried a lot, but everyone was saying that it wasn’t presumptuous. While I could have been seen as timid, that was the only thing I could do, and if I became a source of strength for them, that’s great. (Laughs)”

– Is there a special reason why you stood up for that?

“Back in the days, I made cards for the staff myself and gave it to them. I saw that action as simply saying “good work” and managing my image. I was searching for a effective way to help them. While they wrapped up the rotten aspects to have them seen in an appealing light, in the end, it was still a rotten outcome. In order to keep the value of our culture and create healthy contents, I think we need a change.”

– I’m curious as to when people were able to check things, for example, the production environment.

“Maybe 2010? Also through this project, The King of Dramas, in regards to the drama production landscape, I have confirmed that it does kill people. It would be really good if this year had some changes compared to last year.”

– The public regards you as a ‘deep actress’ and even reference you as a ‘conceptual actress’.

“I’m not a conceptual actress. I have to be cautious being called that. This comment is no different than raising up controversy; if you can’t offer an alternative solution, I see not saying anything at all is being a better option. Change can’t happen through one person’s strength. I still haven’t offered an answer. My answer leads me to the place where I’m concealing everything. In the future when I bring up a subject, I’ll strive to create an accepting atmosphere.”

– On the set, an actress’s unlimited ego sometimes become malicious gossip.

“For an actress, it’s not there privilege or authority. They have to be thankful for their blessings. They can’t think that because they received blessings that advancing to this location is an entitlement of authority and they can’t wield that authority. For the most part, it’s a misunderstanding.”

– Being an actress, there’s a lot of parts that they have to hold in.

“That’s weak. Living as an actress is a blessing. Being in a position of influence isn’t given to everyone. If you accept yourself as the victim, then you’re not prepared. While there are unfair circumstances and it’s a bit difficult, you have to strive to receive that blessing. While it can be lonely at times, you just have to push through.”

– In the 2002 drama Saxophone, you made the shocking change of a singer into an actress. Ten years have gone by. The actress of over ten years seems to have changed a lot.

“Acting is still very hard and difficult. However, as I keep acting, it becomes more interesting, so I think to myself hundreds of times a day “Since I’m like this, I have no choice but to like acting.” Every time I realize something new. Acting isn’t something with an end, it’s something you study your whole life. Therefore I really like it. Acting is a window that allows me to experience things while living a life similar to myself.”

– Every time you do a project, there’s a response of “The Rediscovery of Jung Ryeo Won”. In the recently wrapped up drama The King of Dramas, you displayed an excellent performance of the rookie writer Lee Go Eun. Now you’re an actress to the people who challenges the ingrained image the public has of you.

“As an actress, being asked how you can advance is more important than did you succeed in life. Because of that philosophy, I mainly choose projects that can advance me rather than projects that are popular. I do worry that the breadth of projects I can choose decreases, but I do come across a lot of projects that bring me luck.”

– A company wouldn’t be too happy choosing an actor like that.

“Haha, that’s right. Since the companies and producers could hate that, I have to walk a fine line. (Laughs) However, whatever project I like the company likes. They have no input.”

– Since you are in your early 30s, seeing as you’re an actress with a lot of desire, is there any distance between you and the words love, dating, and marriage?

“Nope. (Laughs) Those are words that are always by my side. Those are words that I have to plan for but feel far away as I approach them. (Laughs) I don’t have anyone I’m meeting right now.”

– What’s your next goal? Is it okay to await your next transformation?

“For now, it seems like I’ll do a drama or movie that I want to see. In the drama I appeared in before, History of the Salaryman, I did a character I wanted to play. In The King of Dramas, I played a character I wanted to see. For a long time, I have been  able to play characters I wanted to and projects I liked. It would be good if the project I want to do is a project I want to see.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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