Dasoni “That Kind Of Unit? They Will Show Off Their Ability” [Part 1]

12 Mar

Dasoni, “The Person You Love,” threw their hat into the music industry to receive a lot of love.

Dasoni is a unit comprised of EXID’s vocalists, Solji and Hani. They became two for better promotions and their charms doubled. With tall statures of 170 cm and 168 cm, Solji and Hani inserted their sexiness into EXID’s brand of cuteness and are shocking the music world this spring.

◆ “Dasoni is an EXID brand…Will Show Off New Charms”

The name Dasoni means “The Person That I Love” in pure Korean words. Producer Shinsadong Tiger personally named Dasoni due to his attachment to EXID, and Dasoni is attacking the music industry with the intent to further spread EXID’s name.

The noisy waiting room that used to house five members now only uses two, but these two firmly remind themselves everyday that they’re the representative faces of EXID.

“On the screen, my face is really bright and I received more close up shots. (Laughs). This time, our parts got longer, so it seemed I was given this chance to show myself off better. I like it, but it is burdensome. The EXID members told me to not think that way and to enjoy promoting, so the burden evaporated.” (Hani)

“The members who aren’t promoting right now are really working hard. LE participated in “You Got Some Nerve” with Yong Jun Hyung and Big Star’s Feeldog. The other members are taking acting and singing lessons, so they are reorganizing in order for better promotions.” (Solji)

However you look at it, these two are the ‘chosen ones’. On one hand, a unit could be burdening, but on another dimension, it’s an opportunity. Will Dasoni be the exception to the women’s world of envy and jealousy that always arises?

“That is something we worry about. However, the members monitor us and when a broadcast is over, they message us right away. They say things like ‘you were pretty’ or ‘you did well’. They really support us.” (Hani)

“We seem closer together now compared to when we promote. (Laughs) When we meet at the dorm, we start off with a hug unconditionally. I was very awkward with LE (laughs) but recently whenever we saw each other, it has become a warm relationship where we hug.” (Solji)

Dasoni’s debut song ‘Goodbye’ is a dance song that maximizes sexiness through an East Asian beauty that uses a traditional Korean ornamental hairpin and fans. Solji and Hani display their mysterious sexiness through wearing a sexy skirt that opens up on the side, the traditional Korean ornamental hairpin, fans and other props. With their stable live performances and dances, they are displaying other charms.

“We have thought about showing off our singing talent and ability, along with our sexiness. We wanted to show our singing ability that was hidden until now. In the album, there’s a ballad titled ‘Said So Often.’ We’re the things we couldn’t do as EXID as a duo. We’ll be fixing those deficient points about us through our Dasoni promotions. We really wanted to show different charms through the subunit.”



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