Lee Da Hae’s Interview With Marie Claire [Part 1]

12 Mar

Lee Da Hae intends to reveal the appearance that she hasn’t shown until now. Unlike being wrapped up prettily like a doll, she is approaching herself in a calm and chic manner. The starting point of the courage that allows her everything to be possible even though she hasn’t attempted it even once is IRIS 2’s Ji Soo Yeon.

It was difficult. With the first broadcast being imminent, calling out the heroine outside of the drama to the world was difficult. Due to her promised schedule, it seemed like there would be a slip and it would become a mess, she also had a deadline to stick to. She had to travel back and forth to Japan and Jeju Island, so it seemed like she was being concealed. However, the night before the broadcast at dinner time, she walked in after falling down from a jumper during filming and injuring her ankle. Like a battery that needed to be recharged, she looked exhausted, but she checked the clothes prepared for her first, not forgetting her meticulousness. “This is the first time I tried wearing a short cut wig like this. Also a first time wearing loose fit clothing like this. Is it okay?” Lee Da Hae checked her clothing that lost their chroma and her wig and took a deep breath. “I think of being an actress as a type of service. What I mean is that a different image can repulse the viewers. A new image is fine, but if it isn’t accepted, it’s a very dangerous attempt.” She seemed like she was worrying about her own image change heating up on the internet and damaging her drama that just started, but she gave her short and lilting conclusion. “I’ll do it. If I am Soo Yeon, I’ll attempt something new.”

Iris 2 is a seasonal drama. Lee Da Hae, who used to be only thought of as pretty, was using her fists, swinging her legs around and shooting. As much as we wanted to believe that we weren’t tricked by Lee Da Hae, she condensed all of her new images through her character Soo Yeon as she expressed herself. When there was spare time during filming, from looking at her body from the corner of the eye, you could see blue bruises all over her arms and legs. Through the temperature of her passion to work hard, it seemed like her assimilation of Soo Yeon was deficient. “However, it’s getting better. I danced for a while, but action is different. There’s a method of using the body, but I didn’t know there was a trick to it. Now that I’m using my body, moving around and expressing myself is fun and I’m getting used to it.” When she first knocked on the door of the action school last September, she had to master the basics, but it only took three days. through the tape, she had to designate her position, and after going up, maintaining the space between her arms and legs with her straight posture was a tough job. Although it was an upper body action scene where she just used her hands, it didn’t take her long to realize that she could connect and adjust her legs correctly. Up until high school, she had learned and mastered various genres of dance, including Korean dance, ballet, tap dancing, Russia dancing and tango, that flexibility that her body learned became a big help for her action acting. However, her first attempt at the action genre isn’t easy. As much as the burden of her hair, chest and body moving while acting numbed the muscles on one side of her face, the stress affected her. Knowing that Lee Da Hae has perfectly assimilated as her character in the drama, she’s mastering her body movements. “When I received an offer for ‘Athena: Goddess of War’, I rejected it. Since I’m already doing it, I wanted to be an agent that is on the move. I didn’t know that it would be this hard. (Laughs)”

After Miss Ripley ended, she filmed a drama in China and went to her American home for a month. During that time, her co-star Kim Seung Woo called her, asking if she was going to be in Iris 2. ‘Lee Da Hae and action’ was a combination that she couldn’t even imagine so she was a bit perplexed, but the synopsis she received by email was very attractive. She began living as the NSS agent Ji Soo Yeon, which was agitating her and she spent restless days over it. During the interview, Lee Da Hae pulled her iPad out of her bag and opened the screen. She interpreted the feelings of Ji Soo Yeon in the script she received from the writer and through that foundation of understanding, one of the lines is densely written. “While doing this project, when it comes to new things, all of the staff members are sympathizing and sharing with each while creating this project. Back in the day, if a postposition on a completed script was wrong, it was no good. However, in this drama, the actors’ opinions are reflected in the writer’s thoughts, and the script is completed like that. Since we believe that we’re creating it together, the actors seem to have more attachment to the project.” Since the burden is so high, no one even thought of properly monitoring the drama. Compared to when she would go to the editing room a few times before the drama aired, this time Lee Da Hae is expecting the viewers to notice the difference in her.



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