Lee Da Hae’s Interview With Marie Claire [Part 2]

12 Mar

Lee Da Hae spent that time with considerable misunderstanding and prejudices. She expressed being an issue maker while remembering the time that has passed, and to avoid receiving any pain, she didn’t get buried in a struggling appearance. She knows the road she’s on isn’t a flowery road someone else provides for her. Lee Da Hae expressed her disappointment in covering up her natural appearance. “Back in the day, I used to do many things and work really hard because I had a lot of energy. I cultivated my passion and my effort and greed grew. Others had a difficult time balancing with me because of the fast pace in which I did things. They could have spread malicious rumors about me because my pace was against their will.” While saying that, Lee Da Hae discovered her shrinking and lowering self. She chose a method where she wouldn’t bump into others and could return, ending up seeing herself in a different light. That tendency at last had an influence on selecting a project. Like this drama, she received a proposition to act as a character she wanted to do in her everyday life, but she took a step back, showing off a side of her that wasn’t like her. She’s worried that the public won’t see her as a stranger acting as a care-free character that rolls around and does activities with men, and hoping her worries don’t clash with her ego. Her intention has grown to not give the public, who only remembers her as being pretty and doing ‘pretty’ things well, another pretext to be prejudiced against her. The new character obviously makes her excited, but it’s also provoking, but it was impossible to count out her will to select the safe road. Looking back at the ten year span to when we first met Lee Da Hae, her type of man was a broad-minded, easy-going man and clearly knew himself, those aspects being more important than just having money.  She didn’t get cold feet like a rookie, but she was confident, and that surprising memory stayed with us. If it weren’t for Iris 2, we could have missed the image that was most like Lee Da Hae. We could have missed out on a photo shoot like today’s where she’s standing around with chicness is flowing out of her and showing off her pleasant tomboy image. “I’m in the middle of destroying the wall inside of me. I’m finding time and creating space, filling my original self in that space. I thought if I had a boyish and chic appearance, it would be good, but I definitely thought it was a concept that I couldn’t pull off. After doing today’s photo shoot, I have found out that there is this side to me too. In the future, even if it’s awkward, I’ll pull this side out of me. However, when I do reveal the side to me that only I know to the world, I hope they don’t say it’s uncomfortable or awkward.”

Being able to be oneself is extremely natural. Our part is making Lee Da Hae be active as herself, not seeing the new sides to her as being unfamiliar. The day after the interview, Iris 2 started off #1 in ratings, taking a smooth first step. The broadcast was shown without being monitored once by Lee Da Hae’s fearful heart, but she fits well as NSS’s only female agent. Lee Da Hae is driving all of her thoughts out to live as Ji Soo Yeon. Watching over this restless girl makes us happy.



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