Dasoni “That Kind Of Unit? They Will Show Off Their Ability” [Part 2]

21 Mar

◆ “That kind of unit? We’ll show you through our ability”

The brisk activity of unit groups is the stream that’s catching attention in the music world recently. The strong force of two member unit groups such as Sistar19 and 2Yoon are catching attention.

While female duos are in the middle of dominating the music industry, Dasoni has the resolve to be of support to this stream.

“Since there are many unit groups coming out, we were worried at first, but we think of it as a good opportunity. We’re on the rookie level, and since we’re rookies, we think of being able to join this line as an honor. Just being mentioned with those outstanding unit groups can be advantageous to us since we just started. For now, that really fits. In order for us to ride upon that atmosphere, there’s nothing we can do about the criticisms. When EXID releases a new album, people say “Another girl group?’ We expect comments like these to come out, so we empty our minds. We’ll show them through our ability.”

Since there is a flood of rookies, as expected, the Dasoni members are really worried. EXID couldn’t completely attain their desired position, so there is concern about the unit group. The Dasoni members shook their heads and laughed, saying “We even had thoughts that it was premature,” “We thought we needed a different approach after releasing three mini albums as EXID,” and “If it becomes burdensome, we’ll work hard. The aspects that we couldn’t show as EXID, we’ll show them as a unit.”

The main and lead vocalist from EXID, the two who combine their power for Dasoni, are fated to be a great match.

“Back then, on the way to film for a broadcast, we went to a fortune teller, and we were told we would become a big help to each other. I (Hani) was fire and Solji was a gold material for a weapon, and a weapon needs fire to be heated up. Creating that weapon would make us a great match for each other. It seems like it was heaven’s fate for us to become a unit group, seeing as the fortune saw that well before we became a unit. (Laughs)”

Dasoni, who is briskly promoting “Goodbye”, are bright, but they won’t forget the resolve of their determination that they have in their activties.

“Although we are an extension of EXID, Dasoni is the same as a new brand. We’ll put everything in to spread the name of EXID, but we also want to spread the name of Dasoni. We won’t miss our opportunities, as we’re sharpening knives through our many talents. We’re promoting hard so that we don’t embarrass our members, but we’ll get our names known as Dasoni and EXID while promoting.”



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