Han Ye Seul – Sparkling Woman [Part 1]

22 Mar

Legendary diva Maria Callas’s clothes were always Chanel and she completed her fashion with Swarovski jewelry. Swarovski received the world’s love and the two shared a very special time together. You (Han Ye Seul) are today’s main character. How do you feel about meeting the public for the first time in a long time?

Standing in front of the camera as an actress wearing art pieces that not anyone could just wear and wearing these pieces that are being displayed in this art museum is a precious experience. Swarovski jewelry has a ‘good news’ vibe to it for women. This splendid design made of real diamonds becomes something that us ordinary people don’t dare to approach. Despite the crystal’s sparkle or design being very high end, we are able to approach it practically or economically. Today when women want to splendidly adorn themselves, it feels like a precious item that allows us to feel its specialness personally.

Congratulations for returning to your activities in a different route. You weren’t very active, so what was the dominating thought or feeling during that period of time?

Hmm, it wasn’t a time where I just idly let time pass, nor was it a time where I had anxiety, worrying about whether or not I should quickly come back with a project quickly, so what kind of situation was it? I have a lot of greed in several fields of work. I want to do well in this and that. I feel tired because of that disposition. Recently while I have looked back at myself, I threw away the thoughts of throwing away my greed and I have to focus on what’s important. As an actress, since I have started this profession, isn’t that the best way to receive confirmation as an actress as one gets older? I have thought that. There was a time where I stated that I wanted to get married on a broadcast. I want to be faithful to the things that are in front of me.

Isn’t this a time where your mind has transformed into a state of anxiety instead of being faithful to what disappeared in front of you? It’s related to having to find what disappeared in front of you.

I always have greed towards good projects. However, it’s not easy to keep in touch with those related to certain projects. Right now I’m wanting to do a marvelous project like today’s photo shoot as soon as possible.

Does it matter whether it’s a movie or a drama?

It would be more comfortable to do a movie. As for dramas, I’ll always be a little afraid to do them. There are many veterans that can show their best in any situation, but it’s hard for me who have had experiences like me. As my filmography piles up, I become  a little more scared. I become more careful and I feel like I have to do better.

In 2007, you swept all of the Rookie Actress Awards at The Baeksang Arts Awards, Grand Bell Awards, and Blue Dragon Film Awards for the movie Miss Gold Digger. In that aspect, it’s pitiful that the pulese of your activities was cut. If you appeared in a movie, what genre would you prefer?

I like the noir genre, like LA Confidential. Directors, please! (Laughs) Since I was little, it’s been difficult giving off alluring, mysterious and charismatic feelings. When I was a rookie, young, cheerful, bubbly and bouncy characters fit me well. However, my desire to act as a loveable woman grew. I wanted a character where the love story between the man and woman would unfold in a loving way. However, it was hard for the public to sympathize with me while I played normal characters. It seems like I have always liked acting as the crazy character, the bouncy character or the cold character.

It’s been about ten years since you started acting, so do you think as an actress that your thoughts or situation has greatly changed?

The beginning was awful, so I don’t even like to think about it. It’d be good if I could do something without it being embarrassing. As far as acting, I wouldn’t give myself a high grade. It seems like I’m working hard waiting for the day where I become comfortable in front of the camera as my character. Even now, I still don’t feel perfectly comfortable on the filming set. I’m very nervous and it doesn’t seem like I’m wearing my own clothes. Therefore I’m waiting for a good director to bring out my potential and strong points and for the director to teach me. However, that would be really good luck. As an actress, it’s difficult to match the timing that the public wants out of you.

Does recognizing that truth make you more upset or does it give you the energy to overcome difficult things? For you, which is it?

That’s a gamble. Things that turn out well and things that don’t turn out well; things you gain and things you can’t gain. Therefore I think I’m very lucky. I’m saying that just through one project, I gained the opportunity to receive attention from people. It’s important that through good people, a rough gemstone can be refined into a diamond. Looking at it that way, I’m still a little weak. (Laughs)

Source: Harper Bazaar Korea December 2012 Issue

Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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  1. Amy_Gaus April 12, 2013 at 11:34 pm #

    It’s qreat to finally see her, it’s been so lonq . . How can s0meone looks as qorqeous as that. We really miss You Han Ye Seul<3 . . . Your fans waitinq for your c0meback. Saranqhae<3


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