Official Interview with Rooftop Prince’s Han Ji Min [Part 1]

23 Mar

From April 5th and on, the Korean drama “Rooftop Prince” in which JYJ’s Yoochun stars will start releasing (the selling agency is Geneon Universal Entertainment).

Korean drama Rooftop Prince is a fantasy romantic comedy in which great love blows between a bygone era and the modern era. This is a work in which JYJ’s Yoochun gained a lot of popularity, showing a good performance of a prince who travels 300 years from the Joseon era to the modern era.

Popular actress Han Ji Min can be proud of the immense support given by playing the neat and cute character Park Ha, the bright and healthy heroine of the drama. Han Ji Min displayed her outstanding acting ability in Rooftop Prince. The official interview with actress Han Ji Min will be carried out.

Please explain your motive for choosing to act in Rooftop Prince.。Honestly, when I first received the script, I didn’t hold any large expectations. When I was in the middle of filming for another drama, I was really tired. Since the script has fantasy elements in it, I was able to enjoy reading it as if it were a comic. I had played many serious characters in the past, and I would gain “power” if I were to play the role of Park Ha, so I think I was able to enjoy the rest of the filming and decided to appear in the drama.

Please inform the readers in regards to the character Park Ha’s charms. Please explain any points where you sympathized with Park Ha and on the contrary, any parts where you had difficulty feeling empathy for Park Ha (and any parts where Park Ha was similar to you and different from you.) I think Park Ha’s charms are that she’s frank and powerful. I personally felt her charms…The type of character that’s popular is “Candy Candy’s” Candy, as there are many characters like her. That heart-breaking and crying feeling…However, there was a time where Park Ha confronted her older sister Sena and there’s something I personally want to say about that. The viewers cried with me when I got slapped, but that scene where I return the favor and slap her back was thrilling. After looking at that, Park Ha seemed strong, and she looked out for the four men who came from Joseon. If it were me, I would have driven those four out, but that kindness in Park Ha is her charm. The other aspect different from me is that Park Ha is cheerful. (Laughs) Since I have mainly acted as neat and obedient characters, everyone sees me in that light. Truthfully, I resemble Park Ha a lot. Just the part about hitting Yi Gak all the time is different. (Laughs)

-How was is starring with Park Yoochun?
I didn’t appear with just Yoochun, but with four males, and having the chance to be surrounded by that many men doesn’t come often. I was happy. (Laughs) All of them are younger than me so I took care of them, but thanks to everyone, they made me laugh a lot. I was prejudiced against Yoochun at the beginning since he’s a singer, but now I’m sorry for thinking that way. He had to film more than me and did well, and when he got tired, he cheered me on instead. The most surprising thing during filming was that Yoochun’s knack for acting was spot on.

-Since you co-starred with Yoochun, if there were any impressive episodes, please tell us.
There are a lot of scenes where we laughed throughout, but one scene that’s memorable for me is when we were on the rooftop, mixing cream with soju and drinking it. I have had many people ask me if that really tasted good, but honestly, we drank water instead of soju, so it was very sweet. For the sake of the drama, we continued to eat the cream. After forcing our way through that scene, Yoochun and I, along with Park Ha and Yi Gak, truly started to get on good terms after that. There’s also a scene where I nearly drown and Yoochun saves me, and such a troubling scene is memorable for me.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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