Official Interview with Rooftop Prince’s Han Ji Min [Part 2]

29 Mar

Seeing as you got angry with the prince and his three retainers after they came from the Joseon era and there being scenes where you taught them about life, those scenes lead the audience to laugh. While you all were acting, were there are a lot of NG scenes where you guys unexpectedly burst out into laughter?
The four who came from the Joseon era in a time slip acted very diligently and I had to see that surprising situation. We had to act realistically, and the situation was very interesting, so we all ended up laughing. Because of that, filming in the beginning was a bit difficult. There were a lot of NG scenes. Immediately after filming started, I wasn’t able to return home.

Please tell us about the episodes you had with the villains of the drama, Lee Taesung and Jung Yumi. What was the atmosphere on the filming set? Yumi is a cheerful and good kid. When she made a NG scene, she was very cute while laughing about it. As for matching up with my costars, having concern about what they have to say is important. Since the reactions are skillful between us, and I was easily able to act with Yumi. Since Taesung has a personality like a young boy, he had fun playing a villain with cynicism. As for the atmosphere on the set at the time, we had finished a lot of filming, I was able to have fun with them but it was hard on my body. Since everyone is from the same generation, there was a feeling that we were all on a picnic with each other since we were eating together. They were like friends at school where it felt like we graduated together and the atmosphere became lonely. It was really fun acting with them.

Just like in the drama, if actors from a period drama suddenly came to your house, what would you do?
Be kind to them (Laughs). Not long ago, even with Park Ha kindly telling talking to them and calling the police, the four said that they were hungry and Park Ha even made food for them. I think that’s very kind of her. If it were me, I would probably report them. (Laughs).

This is a question unrelated to Rooftop Prince, but could you please tell us about any places in Seoul that you like?
Since Seoul is a city, there are still a lot of historical ruins. For the people in Japan who like Korean historical dramas (sageuks), go to Seoul. Rooftop Prince’s filming locations include Kyungbok Palace, Changdeok Palace and Deoksoo Palace and you will be able to feel Korea’s beauty at those places. I also recommend Korea’s mountains, which depending on the season change appearance.

Last November you conducted your first fan meeting in Japan and it was a great success. How was it meeting with Japanese fans? You made omurice (omelet with rice), you sang and you showed of various things. Wasn’t preparing for the event difficult?
Since it was my first fan meeting in Japan, I felt the pressure of being together with my fans. Since I explicitly made time to come here, I didn’t make good memories…this kind of pressure exists, and up until now, I haven’t easily been able to do fan meetings. I feel thankful since people came to meet me. My singing wasn’t very good and I didn’t make the omurice taste delicious, but since everyone treated me so well, I was happy.

Finally, please tell us about the highlights of Rooftop Prince and please send a message to your Japanese fans.
I’m Han Ji Min, who played Park Ha in Rooftop Prince. Rooftop Prince is a drama you can watch while laughing. It’s a sad love story with a revenge plot. I believe that it’s a drama with a lot of different charms and that it’s interesting and will stay in your memories. I’m thankful for all of you who supported us. For all of you watching the drama, please anticipate it.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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