Lee Da Hae “Iris 2 Is An Adventure, The Harsh Criticisms That Are Pouring…”

8 Apr

For this woman, there aren’t any days where there aren’t any tears. Her whole body is covered with scars due to the rough action, and when filming starts, she’s sobbing. She risked her life, getting shot by her lover and she even lost her older brother. That’s the situation facing Lee Da Hae, the heroine of the $20 million drama Iris 2.

Lately Lee Da Hae’s condition has been a mess. Before entering filming, she worked out hard and attained good stamina, but she became drained because of the action scenes that required a lot of strength. Because of the killer schedule shooting overseas and domestically, the filming environment resembles a drama shot live throughout its whole run.

This is our interview with Lee Da Hae who has had a tough time. The voice we heard over the receiver was unexpectedly bright. The reporters first’s greeting was “You’ve suffered a lot by running and crying”, and Lee Da Hae’s response was “I have thought ‘Isn’t this like dying?’ when it’s really hard on my body. It’s not just me, but all of the actors feel like this” as she mixed in laughter while revealing her difficulties. She said “Lately, I eat and eat and still lose weight. Is it supposed to be like this as I get older?”, throwing in a joke.

“Where there are a lot of action scenes, big and small bruises sometimes show up. Lately there have been a lot of emotional scenes and I’ve been busy since I’ve been crying a lot. Haha! Iris 2 is truly an adventure and a challenge…the end is already in sight and I feel strange about it. I’m striving so that I don’t forget my original passion.”

Lee Da Hae is turning a new leaf as an ‘Action Queen’ through Iris 2, though she had focused on traditional melodramas up until now. Her ability to become any character has been confirmed and she has achieved amazing results. Unfortunately, the drama itself isn’t receiving much strength.

The ratings aren’t up to expectations. The lineup in Iris 2 supports a luxurious cast with Jang Hyuk, Lee Bum Soo, Oh Yeon Soo, Im Soo Hyang, etc. and there was strong confidence in the drama, but it’s facing sharp criticisms that it’s inferior to Iris. Is Lee Da Hae’s emotional burden big?

In regards to this, Lee Da Hae said “It’s very disappointing. However, there’s no project where I’m 100% satisfied with it.”

“Seeing as the filming system always proceeds like a live broadcast, the level of completeness of a drama is low. That day when I received the script and frantically digested the material and when I monitor the broadcast, I always feel disappointed. It actually hurt to see the harsh criticisms and the nasty remarks. Balancing myself is very essential, but there are still many things I lack in. I received a lot of help from Kim Young Chul and Oh Yeon Soo.”

Lee Da Hae, who has always been like a young girl, had her voice become calmer. In acting, she received a lot of energy from Kim Young Chul, and mentally, she received a lot of energy from Oh Yeon Soo.

“Kim Young Chul helped me with the things I lacked in when it came to acting. He did it in a very refined manner so that his acting partner wouldn’t be embarrassed. Oh Yeon Soo is my role model. She has the quiet, strong confidence that she won’t lose her balance no matter the situation. As an actress, no matter the situation, there’s inevitably a peculiar war of nerves, but when I’m with Yeon Soo, my mood is good and I feel strength. I end up confessing things without worrying or hesitating. I have even thought that I want to be like this ‘senior/sunbae’.”

She truthfully stated that “The question ‘What is a vicious remark?” left a huge scar in my heart. It’s not a criticism about the drama itself, but it’s an excessive personal attack” while laughing.

“I certainly want to humbly accept various remarks about me. My family enthusiastically monitors the comments. One time my brother-in-law saw a vicious remark and sent me a message about what was on his mind saying ‘Don’t get hurt over this and these are expressions of interest, so use these varied opinions to fix anything that needs to be improved, and it’d be great if they made you a better actress.” That was a big help for me. Sometimes getting mixed up in the carrot and stick situation is good. Haha.”

Once again her trademark loveable laugh came out. Lee Da Hae has the reputation of being the atmosphere maker on set. It’s possible to judge as to why she receives constant praise for her humanity and effort every project. She’s truthful, has a humble tone, and has the courage to stand up against direct questions.

More than not being satisfied with her current position, it’s her fiery volition to continue to improve. The reason why love calls from her line of work keeps coming is right here.

Finally, “After the drama’s ups and down, what do you want to gain from this work?” As expected, a cheerful and a humble response came from her.

“In the end, as an actress, it seems like I can only express myself through acting. I’m at the stage where I still have to learn, and in the wide acting spectrum, I still need to gain a lot of experience. While planning for this long trip, I have to personally find the method that allows me to keep the passion that doesn’t wear out or cool down. Through this work, I want people to say ‘Ah, Lee Da Hae can do action as well.’ I want to be acknowledged as an actress that can do action. Although I’m lacking in many areas, I have love for this profession, so watch over me until the end. I won’t disappoint you!”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


One Response to “Lee Da Hae “Iris 2 Is An Adventure, The Harsh Criticisms That Are Pouring…””

  1. alex November 21, 2013 at 9:04 pm #

    She is best Korean actress . I am new to korean drama. Just watched around 8 drama. Started and stopped most drams because some dramas are over hyped …I happen to see MY GIRL fully because of LE DA HAE performance. I hope she gets stronger physically so she can move to USA. I think she is only actress who can act well and looking good. She has truckload of charisma. Haters always going to be there. !0 fingers are different , so there are always people going to hate people tremendous talent. Its Jealousy. Rock Lee Da Hae.

    I am not asian , so i say without any bias.

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