Han Ye Seul’s Fashion Panorama

30 May

The Hawaiian island Oahu is more dramatic than the Grand Canyon.  As actress Han Ye Seul wears a free, modern punk look, she stands atop a rocky island past the volcanoes. From here on out, let’s enjoy her fashion panorama that looks like it came out of a movie.

“A little while ago, I put an elliptical machine in the middle of my living room. Though my joints aren’t well, it’s the type of exercise that fits me. Even on days when I have filming, I get up at the crack of dawn and exercise, but my abs still don’t show that well. (Laughs)”

“I don’t pay much attention to things like organic food, so I don’t eat things like that. However, if there’s a time where I have to manage my body, I’ll eat through my own secret method. As soon as I wake up, I drink coffee, and I eat natto after that instead of eating a meal. I crack open an egg, I add some soy sauce and mix them together. When I eat it, it’s tasty and I’m not even hungry the whole day.”

“Since I have done many romantic comedies, I want the challenge for a different genre in my next project. I like something like the mysterious noir genre.”

The woman we met at the airport covered more than half of her small face with huge sunglasses, but she didn’t conceal her stylish poses. She wore a loose t-shirt along with a mini-skirt decorated in beads, and she carried a D.NUE Alligator backpack while wearing Karen Walker’s Leopard sunglasses. She was smiling, as she had styled herself. Lately, she has been strongly exposing her transformation as a fashionista, and in this pictorial, she shows off that ability to her fullest potential. She selected the color of her nails herself and she even did a body waxing the day before the photo shoot. “I know best the look that suits me very well.  No matter how good certain clothes are, if they don’t match me, what’s the use in wearing them? Lately I have fallen for smoky makeup. Though I do worry that the makeup may look too strong to the people around me, I really like this makeup that makes me look like Joker’s girlfriend.”

Her house in L.A. and her hobbies reflect each other. “I added a rock chic mood that I like to the loft style with a high ceiling.” The people who have been invited to Ye Seul’s house all say the same thing about the extraordinary interior feel to the house. “Her house in Seoul is very modern and the structure is unorthodox. I’ve been to many actress’s house, but visiting Ye Seul’s house was the first time I experienced a sensual space like that,” said her stylist Roh Kwang Won.

Her passion toward pictorials was different. The site that was selected for the pictorial was a dangerous rocky island with very few traces of humankind. The slopes were 60 degrees, and it was difficult to even walk. However, in order for her to change into her clothes, she went up and down that steep incline dozens of times. Even the staff, who were wearing comfortable clothing, slipped and fell down several times, and a worrisome problem arose. At the end of a rocky cave, she was dangerously standing there. She said “Isn’t this a boring pose? It seems like I need some dynamic movements…” while she was in a position where she couldn’t move.

She was on a rock where if she lost her footing, she would have fallen 20 meters. However, she was already lying down and posing. Although nothing happened in this worrisome situation, it was still an extremely dangerous situation. Upon finishing the photo shoot, her back was scraped by pebbles, and her back was stained by her bloody wound. After the shooting, she was prescribed painkillers and ointment, however she was still energetic. After three days of filming in Hawaii, there’s one thing that has become evident: unlike the many articles released to the world full of prejudice, she is different; whenever she comes to mind, the two words “passion” and “confidence” have started to become strongly associated with her.

“Lately the things I enjoy are things like Tim Burton, Rock Spirit, and Chrome Hearts. Things are that dark and eerie. I usually wear smoky makeup and go out.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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