Yoo In Na “IU is an Amazing and Cute Little Sister”

6 Jun

When one thinks of Yoo In Na, there’s an image of her that comes to mind. Yoo In Na acts and DJs through her charms that pop out, being active in many fields and receiving love as an actress that can do it all. Since March 9th, the first broadcast of the KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin’, Yoo In Na has came back to the small screen as Yoo Shin, the second daughter of the family that one can’t possibly hate.

Although Yoo In Na is always coy like her character in the drama, Yoo In Na is like the older sister that lives next door who is easy-going and friendly. This is the interview with the sweet Yoo In Na.

The set is the best! The actors are the best!

‘You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin’ is a drama depicting the story of the youngest daughter Lee Soon Shin and her mother Kim Jung Ae getting swept up in the storm of fate. This is Yoo In Na’s first weekend drama after her debut. The drama has achieved the highest ratings in its time slot through its fresh approach and its story.

“Of course I had wanted the ratings to be good. After saying that, I am only focusing on the drama itself instead of clinging to the ratings. The value of a project isn’t proportional with the ratings, so I’m tackling this project with the intent to enjoy it. Isn’t it important that I do well in the parts I have considering all of the amazing people around me?”

In the beginning of the drama, there were parts where Yoo Shin was being harsh to Soon Shin. The appearance of Yoo Shin always insulting Soon Shin and fighting with her caused the viewers to believe that Yoo Shin was weird. Of course, Yoo Shin is the second daughter in between her older sister and her younger sister, and while having her own pains, there were some parts that were a bit excessive. Yoo In Na, who is actually the youngest sister among her siblings, was able to draw from her experience and express the feelings that only siblings would know.

“In the beginning, Yoo Shin was a villain to the point that even I couldn’t understand her. I even wished for some parts where she wasn’t nasty to Soon Shin. Now Yoo Shin is loving someone and talking with her family, changing in the process. If the drama requires some harsh characters, then it doesn’t matter to me. In the world, there are unsociable people, and there are also people with deficiencies.”

In the drama, there are many people of different age ranges distributed throughout the drama, from the veteran actors Kim Yong Rim, Lee Mi Sook, Go Doo Shim, etc. to the maknaes IU and Bae Geu Rin. It’s truly a big family. Seeing as how everyone in the family are females, the atmosphere on the set is varied, from loud chattering to eating snacks.

“Go Doo Shim is a truly interesting person who also has a tendency to explode a lot. Although her image as a mother is strong, the more I meet her, the more beautiful she is. I wondered if a god had created her as an actress since her acting is that good. I’m disappointed that I only met Lee Mi Sook at the script reading.”

IU has been a cute little sister to Yoo In Na since her debut and she even plays the youngest daughter in the drama. Since this is IU’s first attempt at a traditional drama, she started from following Yoo In Na’s advice, even sharing this through a broadcast. In a recent meeting with a reporter, IU selected Yoo In Na as her role model. IU explained that she chose Yoo In Na because she’s the most loveable person in the world, causing uproarious laughter. Yoo In Na was asked what kind of little sister IU is.

“Right now, IU is doing very well. Looking at her as a person, she’s a cute girl, however, looking at her as an entertainer, I think she’s amazing. Truthfully, it hasn’t been very long since IU has shown the viewers her acting, and moreover, it’s just one part of her latent ability. I’m sure if there were a hundred different jobs in this world, IU would be able to do them all, making her amazing. Perhaps she’d even be great as an athlete. (Laughs)”

The kiss scenes with Go Joo Won were Yoo In Na’s idea

Though there are family storylines in “You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin”, there’s no way the love lines could be left out. In the drama, Lee Yoo Shin became lovers with Park Chan Woo, who has been her friend since childhood. Can their romantic feelings blossom even knowing each other’s dark history?

“I’m a DJ. I hear a lot of stories and even news of my friends getting married reaches me occasionally. Truthfully, when I was young playing house, I wondered if I could kiss my friend. In the drama, Yoo Shin openly got along with Chan Woo, leaving that possibility open for them.”

Yoo Shin and Chan Woo recently started showing off their sweet relationship in the drama. For a few weeks, the two had been secretly dating inside Chan Woo’s car. There have even been scenes of them running away to avoid being caught. Yoo In Na’s cute kissing scenes have captured the attention of viewers.

“Since I have to show some sweetness in my love line, I did some research. In the script, there wasn’t that many kisses. Two kisses would have been fine, but I worried if that would be enough to lift up the sulky Chan Woo. I wanted to rescue the scene and improve it, so I attempted to kiss him many times, and the director was pleased with it.”

The two had started their secret dating. There was also the burden of risk involved because the daughter of the director of the hospital where Chan Woo works, Shin Yi Jung, has fallen for Chan Woo. Yoo Shin has just opened up her heart, so being involved in a love triangle angers her. Chan Woo’s family is reserved and the families are intimate with each other. There are dangerous things remaining between the families.”

“The character Yi Jung is cunning but cute. If I were in that situation, would I protect my boyfriend? I would go to my boyfriend’s office and escort him out of there. Looking at the drama’s contents, the relationship with Chan Woo will continue to be sweet, but there’s the conflict with Yi Jung and Chan Woo’s family. Although Yoo Shin has a confident and self-assertive personality, please watch to see as to how Yoo Shin resolves the conflict with Chan Woo’s mother. I wonder if Chan Woo will do well as a mediator.”

Yoo In Na wants to show what she can do well through “You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin” rather than transforming. In order to achieve that, Yoo In Na’s fierce fear and the fear regarding her advancement is her answer. It’s possible to feel Yoo In Na’s words as she states that acting becomes tougher the more she does it. Yoo In Na wants to clearly deliver her intent to the viewers.

“Rather than blindly transforming, I’m worried about how to get people to have faith in me. When I selected my character, rather than thinking about who the character will become, I first though about if I can accomplish the parts given to me. It would be great if people paid close attention to this. What’s the point of people watching this drama? Although the family’s ordinary life and love become the focal points, just like the title of ‘it’s okay even if you’re not the best’, the story of a lacking person is the focal point of this drama. Even though there are some unrealistic parts, please feel the warmth and interest that was put into the drama.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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