Although Seo Mi Do is Pained, Shin Se Kyung is Strong

22 Jun

“It wasn’t just me, but it was everyone that was worried about me receiving all of these insults. I’m fine, and since many people around me comforted me, I thought about how fortunate I was. Feeling loved really does feel great.”

At this time, Shin Se Kyung couldn’t be the “Icon of Affirmation”. Shin Se Kyung ended up becoming much more mature for this interview. Upon seeing her after she lost a lot of weight, it’s apparent that she suffered, and she said “Originally, as I shot my dramas, I lost a little weight” while merrily laughing. It looks as if “When A Man Loves” is still lingering inside her heart, not being able to let go of the drama just yet.

“I still have yet to fully realize that it’s the end. It seems like there’s still time left to spend, and when I think back upon the time that I cannot revisit, I feel hurt.”

The character Seo Mi Do still strongly lingers in our heart snot because of the warm-hearted affected we felt towards her, but also the detestable emotions she arose out of us. In a drama, each character gives the viewer a different reason to watch it, so it’s natural for many people to analyze the drama and for many articles to come out. Shin Se Kyung said that she understands to people who defended Mi Do and the ones who cursed Mi Do.

“As you know, there’s not even a tiny bit of time allotted for me to be bored. After the broadcast, that is when I realize what I felt and discuss those feelings, which makes it seem like it was a good time. I have received many thoughtful comments from those around me. Just through those compliments, it feels like I’m filled to the brim.”

Shin Se Kyung opened her ears toward the objective criticisms thrown at her and she tends to accept those criticisms. However, there’s room for growth. Thankfully she has a lot of people in her inner circle that will allow her to listen to their important stories.

“Those people are objective and while I listen to their precious stories, I strive to fix my weak points. I don’t pay much attention to bad comments or comments in general. I feel that listening to filtered stories is more helpful. There were especially a lot of curses hurled at Mi Do, but it wasn’t like I committed some crime and was being insulted myself.”

Shin Se Kyung’s normal easy-going personality momentarily had a storm coming through, but it quickly found tranquility once again. She said she is ready to receive the meaningful whipping and to modestly face scrutiny.

“I gained true peace through this drama. I feel like I have become better by one step. I don’t know if there was any room to leave for regrets or disappointments, but while acting as Mi Do, I didn’t even hold back one drop of sweat while giving it my all. Therefore I feel honorable.”

Shin Se Kyung revealed what she thought about Song Seung Hun and Yeon Woo Jin, who she established connections with through ‘When A Man Loves’. Song Seung Hun is cheerful and Yeon Woo Jin is respectable.

“Seung Hun was originally good looking. Although it is difficult to ascertain his personality just judging him by his appearance, he was very cheerful and made me laugh a lot on the set. Woo Jin is like an angek. While he’s being respectful to me, he doesn’t ask me any questions. On the other hand, while he’s acting, he puts his all into each and every scene.”

“Jung An is very nice and interesting. She was a big source of comfort for me on the set. While I did think that she may be violent, in actuality she is easy going and isn’t deceptive. (Laughs) We were able to get along just fine since there wasn’t any kind of boundary between us. She is very humane and frank.”

There are sensitive moments to Shin Se Kyung, who laughs a lot, is dignified, and seems optimistic. While she does have her emotional highs and lows, she has come here by striving hard to be positive. She added that “There were a lot of incidents where I couldn’t be anxious, I so try to quickly forget them.”

While Shin Se Kyung has the right mix of youth and beauty, for the time being, love is off to the side. She sees love as a problem rather than not having much interest in it.

“While it was a drama containing a love story, upon realizing that it was love that one couldn’t pursue calmly, I didn’t have any desire for it. As of now, I really don’t have any desire to love or date. This also seems like a disease. Haha. Now that the drama has finished, my objective is to get plenty of rest.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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