The Perfect Diva, Goo Hara

24 Jun

Goo Hara, who arrived with a no-makeup face, isn’t like a girl, but a baby that you want to look after.   She makes a mother smile naturally. There are confessions from hair and makeup artists that proclaim that Hara is “really pretty” and that they “really want to work with her”. Hara is able to arouse affection from others just through her mere existence; she has become a person accustomed to others’ attention and admiration, being born naturally as an idol.

You recently had an appendectomy. Have you fully recovered? Since my schedule was packed, I didn’t expect to have an appendectomy. All of a sudden in the middle of the night, my stomach started hurting, and upon arriving at the hospital, they told me that I had to get surgery right away. I have been able to rest enough to the point where no one has to worry about me anymore.

You were able to run toward your dreams a little earlier than most people. Therefore, it seems like you have the strength to control your emotions better than your peers. How to you overcome the difficult and depressing times? There have been plenty of instances where I looked at the pictures of myself being active until now. I think to myself that I used to be like this…when I think back upon the happy times, I end up smiling. I’m thankful for those memories and have even casted a spell where I tell myself that “I’m not depressed. Since I have fans who have given me love and watched over me up until now, I am happy!”

When looking at your recent pictorials, you give off the air of being a woman compared to before. Was this intentional? I became 23 in the blink of an eye. My desire to find many looks that match my age grew instead of purposely trying to appear more mature. Just like a chameleon.

What’s the biggest difference between daily life and being up on stage? Makeup, styling and confidence are the biggest differences. In my daily life, I’m one of those people who prefer to wear comfortable clothing such as a sweat suit. However, when I’m on stage or doing a pictorial such as this one, it even shocks me. I have felt that the power of makeup is indeed quite fascinating. Haha.

You look pretty even when you’re not wearing makeup. Many people probably tell you that you look pretty, but do you have any complexes? Yes, of course. My skin is very thin, so my dry skin is very sensitive.

Are there any areas where you put in more effort than normal people in order to take care of your appearance? Lately I’ve been taking more care of my feet. I’m thankful for my feet that have brought me here and supported me, so earlier I massaged my own feet.

What style of makeup do you usually do? I rarely put on makeup. I apply sunscreen, BB cream and tint.

What is the item you must apply before falling asleep? Neck cream. Lately I have been worrying about the wrinkles on my neck. It looks like I have to manage them from now on. Haha.

Which of the members has the most interest in beauty? Nicole has the most interest in makeup products. That’s why she’s able to talk well with her makeup artist. I also have a lot of interest in beauty products, so I introduce products to the other members saying things like “Lately people are saying this product is good”.

You guys are already planning on releasing your seventh album; it looks as if your attitude towards work is different every time As each album comes out, we feel the burden. However, each of the members lean upon each other and believe each other, allowing us to endure the burden well. More than anything, we strive to maintain the color that solely belongs to Kara.

Do you happen to have any interest in writing and composing? I want to study both of them. I look at the lyrics for all of our songs and sympathize with them, wondering how they used these words to write the lyrics and how the lyrics were arranged. However, I’m not very sentimental…I just wait for good songs to come from the lyricists and composers. That makes my heart flutter more. Haha.

To close this off, we have a question for you from @emrdud73 on twitter. Lately there have been a lot of subunits promoting, so does Kara have any plans for a subunit? If a subunit was formed, who would you liked to be teamed up with? I haven’t ever thought of a subunit for Kara. To be honest, I’m still searching for my own color…as for the unit, I don’t know. That’s very hard to answer!


Translation: The Real CZ @ Karaholic/Hallyu Interview


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