Han Hyo Joo’s Ten Years Weren’t In Vain

2 Jul

The flowers are in full bloom. Is there an expression that fits Han Hyo Joo better than this? It’s hard not to wonder when the buds coalesced together will bloom, but we finally do feel the long-awaited breeze. As if it’s a reward, the buds suddenly bloom, being very pretty and cool.

The reason why the compliments aren’t wasteful is because Hyo Joo has returned with a new project, ‘Cold Eyes’. It’s alright to say that this film has lead to the rediscovery of Han Hyo Joo. It’s just a bit pitiful that it took her until now to come across a movie like this.

Just six months after ‘Love 911’, Han Hyo Joo returns by being more affable and full of energy. Despite entertaining the fans the day before the interview with the ‘Cold Eyes’ team until 3 A.M., she didn’t give off any airs that she was exhausted. The compliment that “she even makes whales dance” was taken well by her. The compliments act as a massage given their effectiveness.

Han Hyo Joo was in the midst of her ‘Cold Eyes’ filming six months ago during the winter. While doing an interview for ‘Love 911’, I asked her about ‘Cold Eyes’ , but her response was “There’s a lot of consideration for me, but it’s really nothing. Just look at the seniors I came with (Seol Kyung Goo, Jung Woo Sung). It’s like they’re just little kids,” and she laughed it off in a sullen manner. I believed those words. However, on the way out after watching ‘Cold Eyes’, I was burning due to a sense of betrayal.

“(Laughter) That’s what I was aiming for, you know. I don’t know if you felt any sort of betrayal, but you still ended up smirking in the end. It’s as if thinking ‘I lost to her’. Originally, I never talked to anyone about a project that I was in the middle of filming. If I were to talk about them, I would end up only talking about the good points without knowing myself that I was doing that. The person I would be talking to would end up becoming excited for the project if they heard me talk about the project. From that point onward, we would be losing one viewer. Now people are asking me a lot about ‘Cold Eyes’. At that time, I would always just answer indifferently with ‘yup, uh-huh, etc. When the movie opens, please watch it once.’ Haha.”

This year Han Hyo Joo became a veteran of ten years under her belt. She debuted through the 2003 Miss Binggeure Contest, going unnoticed for a long time, but became a late-blooming star. While she did stand out through the dramas ‘Dong Yi’, ‘Shining Inheritance’ and ‘Iljimae’, they weren’t movies. Just last year through ‘Masquerade’ did she take her shot at movies.

What actor wouldn’t want their movie to become a box office hit? However, to Han Hyo Joo, that isn’t something that’s hard to do. While ‘Masquerade’ had ten million viewers, it’s not possible to say that those ten million viewers were her own. The ‘actor that attracts ten million viewers’ label is still burdensome.

‘Love 911’ opened in theaters shortly after storm of ‘Masquerade’ blew away. Hyo Joo attempted to transform into the open-hearted ‘macho woman’ after being her pure self during ‘Masquerade’. It was truly a transformation that suddenly smacked me in the back of the head, and this became a chance to get herself known throughout the world with this type of image of hers existing. Han Hyo Joo was just preparing herself to bloom throughout this whole time.

Actress Han Hyo Joo, who has been biding her time, showed us her magnificent and splendid self as if it were a ten-year anniversary event of her becoming an actress. She is easy-going and faithful. She returned impudently with “When I’m blooming, I’d prefer to be overflowing.”

“It’s already been ten years? Time really is uncertain. (Laughs) I didn’t expect ‘Cold Eyes’ to be receiving the praise it has been receiving…everyone is enjoying watching it and everyone is praising me, which allows me to be full just through breathing (TN: she’s saying she can basically live off of all of the compliments she’s receiving.) The review from ‘Ha Yoon Ju’s Progress Drama’ was the one that made me the fullest. Lately it feels like I’ve ascended above the clouds. But what if I suddenly fall from the cloud? I feel good now, but I wonder about falling later, so I strive not to float above the clouds for too long. (Laughs) There’s another ten years awaiting me in the future.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


2 Responses to “Han Hyo Joo’s Ten Years Weren’t In Vain”

  1. puripuri October 8, 2016 at 7:11 am #

    love her so much! And now she got an Top Female Excellence Award for W!

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