‘Cold Eyes’ Han Hyo Joo “I’m An Actress That Continues To Stick”

5 Jul

Actress Han Hyo Joo’s style isn’t that of being affable and kind. On the contrary, she’s very playful and straightforward. She is truly outspoken.

In the beginning it is possible to be disconcerted from her, but after meeting her for a second and third time, I fell for her sincere image. Months before on a variety program, her phrase “Beau.ti.ful!” may have reflected her tendencies 100 percent.

It seemed like it was just a few years ago that she was just a fresh teenager, but she’s already in her later 20s. She matured as a woman and developed as an actress during that time. Is it due to her being a ten-year veteran? Her acting spectrum has begun to increase in earnest since last year.

To explain, her previous movie ‘Love 911’ and her new movie ‘Cold Eyes’ has allowed her to be reborn from just a ‘female actor’ into an ‘actor’. ‘Cold Eyes’ has become her definite turning point, where she fiercely goes after her targets.

The role of Ha Yoon Joo of ‘Cold Eyes’ played by Han Hyo Joo is comfortable for her, as if she were truly wearing tailor-made clothes for her. Just by watching it once, it’s nearly impossible to forget her character’s natural talent of having a good memory, her observation powers that don’t even miss mundane things, her outstanding concentration, among other amazing talents, but in the beginning, rookie-like mistakes were made and her abilities weren’t shown. However, she met her assistant Hwang Ban Jang (Seol Kyung Koo), and afterward she was able to show her abilities to their full extent after adapting, and the surveillance team developed into sweepers.

While ‘Cold Eyes’ could be seen as being expressed as ‘Ha Yoon Joo’s Drama of Progression’, on the other hand, it seems fine to say that it’s ‘Han Hyo Joo’s Drama of Progression’. It’s to the extent that Ha Yoon Jo is Han Hyo Joo, and as expected, Han Hyo Joo really resembles Ha Yoon Joo. It’s definitely the habit of nodding her head. While Hyo Joo hasn’t become a sweeper to the extent of Ha Yoon Joo, she has grown tremendously in her own way while being bumped against and being crushed.

“I have matured a lot (Laughs). Back in the day, there were many occurrences where I would alternate between joy and grief, but lately I have been striving to control my emotions. It’s as if Ha Yoon Joo is able to develop due to having Hwang Ban Jang by her side, and it’s like I have been able to reach this point because of my seniors. This is a job that would be impossible for me to do just on my own. I especially stand out in ‘Cold Eyes’, but that was after I realized that I was the only female among all of the men…haha. After figuring that out, my specialty as an actress became sticking with other actors. I clung to Byung Hun from ‘Masquerade’, and Go Soo from ‘Love 911’. This time, I clung to Seol Kyung Koo and Jung Woo Sung. Haha.”

When Han Hyo Joo is bashful, her playfulness comes out that much more. People feel her humility while she is going around trying to play tricks without being noticed. While it is expected that she would thoroughly enjoy receiving an ovation for ‘Cold Eyes’, she is the type to take a step back and send that ovation to Seol Kyung Koo and Jung Woo Sung. She relays her sincerity from the bottom of her heart through playing jokes on others.

However, Han Hyo Joo, who is just like Ha Yoon Joo, was asked what ‘surveillance’ is. While this is a bit of an overstatement, however one looks at it, she has been living as a celebrity for over ten years, and being observed from the general public is basically the same thing. Isn’t the eyes of the people more fearful than a CCTV? However, Han Hyo Joo’s answer was unexpected. It all depends on how one regards it.

“From the moment that I thought ‘I’m being observed’, my breath stopped. I don’t think of it as being observed, but people having interest in me. To that extent, I think that the general public being curious about me is a good situation as an actress. There are many actors who can’t even receive any attention (Laughs). Acting is a job where you walk down a path all by yourself. It’s very lonely. If it weren’t for the interest by the general public, it would be that much tougher. There’s a difference between ‘observance’ and ‘interest’. I want to receive the interest of others. Haha.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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