‘Cold Eyes’ Han Hyo Joo “Do You Know How Difficult Aperture Acting Is?”

13 Jul

Han Hyo Joo, who shines on screen, possesses no unnecessities and is pure. It is not due to her milky-white skin. Whether it’s due to her pure acting up until now, there is no burden on her.

In the criminal action film ‘Cold Eyes’, Han Hyo Joo is still the same. Though she threw away the elegance of her womanly beauty, she was didn’t reinvent or package herself in an obstinate manner. On the contrary, 100 percent of herself came out. That is why Han Hyo Joo has the intention of comfortably coming out towards the viewers this time. From the time she was called using her character’s name, her friendliness was felt.

Upon hearing her codename, it can confuse people, arousing them to suspect that this movie is a comedy movie. It was just like an animal farm with codenames like Flower Pig, Camel, Squirrel, Venomous Snake, Mole, etc. Han Hyo Joo, whose codename was Flower Pig, even made an ‘oink’ sound in the movie. Despite that, it’s a trap to think that this movie will only make you laugh, but it’s actually a loveable movie. The rumor is that the reference for these codenames comes from each person’s appearance.

Han Hyo Joo actually really likes the nickname of Flower Pig. Although the reason is simple, at the very least, she likes it better than what Jung Woo Sung calls her, ‘Hyo Joo Goon*’ since she likes to hear the word ‘flower’ in the nickname. (*군 Goon is a title given to males.) She laughed off the question of ‘Isn’t Flower Deer better?’ As expected, Flower Deer is a better fit than Flower Pig.

Although it was her first time being ‘Flower Pig’, it was also the first time she experienced being a cop. Han Hyo Joo prepared a lot in order to perfectly transform into Ha Yoon Joo. Hyo Joo met with inspector Park Mi Oak, known as the legendary woman of the violent crime force. Hyo Joo heard the joys and sorrows of the police officers, and while short, she did indirectly experience their line of work.

“In the beginning, I was mistaken in thinking that our roles solely did surveillance. I even wondered if I had to listen to what the serious crime squad had to say. However, I listened to the stories of one of the people at the top of their division and found out that it was definitely different. Someone who has mastered their field has a distinct force. The inspector told me ‘If you get tired, you lose; if you endure it, you win’. Those words are absolutely correct. Those are the words that touched me the most. That’s why those lines by Seol Kyung Ku were used in the movie.”

After meeting inspector Park Mi Oak, the image that Han Hyo Joo had of female police officers was shattered. Han Hyo Joo hated how female police officers were imagined to be just as much as her character Ha Yoon Joo. Han Hyo Joo questioned the notion of female police officers having to be easy-going and boyish, and having to act like a tomboy around their male superiors.

“First of all, it would have been nice if Ha Yoon Joo was womanly. I attempted this and that while researching my character with the director. I wore a long-haired wig, attempting to show off the beauty of a woman. In the end, I went with a bob-cut, though visually, I was still womanly. If you look closely, before Ha Yoon Joo commits herself to the strategy, she is professional, but normally she is careless, plus there are times when she has her cute side. She even attempts to do aegyo, in which she is bad at, by saying ‘I’ll be back~’. It was embarrassing. Haha.”

As a result of pretending to be cute though her personality is devoid of aegyo, both her hands and feet shriveled up. Hyo Joo was asked “Was aegyo the most difficult thing during filming?” but she fired back with an unexpected answer, “Aperture acting was more difficult than aegyo.” Rather than it being the pupil (of the eye) acting, “aperture acting”, it was eye expression acting, which is a grade higher.

“There were many scenes where there were close ups of my face in scenes where I recalled scenes from the past. Without any lines, I had to express Ha Yoon Joo recalling her memories only through my face. My eyes were particularly important, and I was opening and closing the iris of my pupils. Do you know how difficult ‘aperture acting’ is? Controlling one’s iris isn’t easy. It would be great if the viewers paid extra attention to my ‘aperture acting’. It’s one of the acting techniques I worked hard at. Haha.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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    Han Hyo Joo Great Actress in Korea.

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