‘Beautiful’, A Word That Fits Han Ye Seul

18 Jul

Now, the word ‘beautiful’ is starting to fit Han Ye Seul better than the word ‘pretty’. Ye Seul, who spent some busy days through the movie “Penny Pinchers”, enjoyed some relaxing calmness and ‘lazy’ freedom at a quite resort in Bali.

“Waah! I really like it!” After a seven hour trip, as soon as the oven-like air of Bali touched Han Ye Seul’s skin, she let out a pleasant scream that awoke the half-asleep staff. She did it with the lilting aegyo she displayed on “Knee Drop Guru” and her sweet voice that melts people.

On a day where the sun was particularly strong, Han Ye Seul, who changed into a fluffy chiffon blouse, was doing a bubbly dance and spinning around in her surroundings as if the flu she brought with her from Seoul had suddenly disappeared. “I do dance, but my manager doesn’t seem to acknowledge it. I wonder why. I do dance pretty well…(laughs).”

The wind, the sea, and the air that were gently embracing the peaceful Bali resort all became exciting through Ye Seul’s bubbly energy. Truthfully, there are many times where the destination isn’t important when going somewhere. It doesn’t matter who you go with, the condition of the place, who you’re going to meet there because in the end, it’s because that place’s overall atmosphere is being influenced. The city of romance that many women hold dear to them can become a living hell to anyone while a place the majority of people would remember as insignificant can be remember fondly by someone else. It’s the exact same in the voyage of life. The cheerful actress who asked for the vacation she was dreaming of stated “This place right here is paradise for me!”

While enjoying  a romantic dinner while gazing at the night sea, Ye Seul kept her camera in her hand, not only was she taking pictures of the staff, but she stared at the expanding scenery that was like a falsehood for a long time. “Everything is like the dream of a summer night! Although regrettable, isn’t it more beautiful because of that?” Just like someone who emerged from a long tunnel, her eyes were shining brightly as if they were filled with many emotions. “Long ago, I desired to rise up to a position that society acknowledge, and my desire for success grew. It’s because I believe that would have brought me happiness. However, the most important thing to me lately is ‘people’. No matter how much you enjoy things, if there aren’t any people that you’ve made genuine relationships with, there’s no meaning. I have been very happy because of spending ‘trivial’ time with the people who are by my side.”

Every day she eats freely on set, while laughing and chatting from beginning to end, the considerate and adorable Leslie sits across from someone, raising their curiosity with her young eyes, doing this as if she threw away the title of an actress like she would discard armor. Just as she says, ‘what you’re seeing is everything’, showing her spirit that’s warm and gentle like hot bread right out of the oven.

Ye Seul, walking in what could be described as the ‘midday’ of her life, took a deep breath. “In the cabin, I watched a movie. I received a lot of wisdom and inspiration as to how to deal with the crises of life that come at every turn. In the end, there’s one correct answer. ‘Live well!'” With both of her hands suddenly raised toward the sky, just like Bali’s sunlight, she laughed in a loveable way.

(Translator’s Note: This is Ye Seul’s 2011 interview with InStyle.)


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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