Han Ye Seul – Sparkling Woman [Part 3]

19 Jul

Part 1.

Part 2.

At the very least, there shouldn’t be any burden looking at things like that. (Laughs)

While living positively, you end up a bit idiotic, you know. I think that being elegant and nice is a virtue for Korean women. However, each individual’s life is their own, and as a woman, it’s good to enjoy one’s own beauty. I believe in myself and live my life according to my own convictions, and dress myself as a princess to my heart’s desire. That’s my philosophy. I live by making myself happy. Since youth doesn’t last very long, I fully love my time as a youthful person and I’ll enjoy it beautifully.

You said that you wanted to see where this work would lead your life to. So, as a result, where does it seem like life has taken you?

The past year felt like I could think about what direction to take my life in. I thought about how I should live in the future, and about how I could calm myself and stand up again. I sometimes have the thought of becoming the Ye Seul that is loved by the people. Although it is true that I’m very lacking, how can I possibly receive the love of many people through myself? Sometimes I even want to make myself angry and annoyed. Showing a good image to everyone is a very exhausting life.

Through doing interviews, I have found that many actresses know that the life of a celebrity is conflicting and hard because of having to show your good side all of the time. It’s to the point where they consider if resolving themselves to trying to find the answer will allow them to live on as a happy actress. Although that path is difficult, there definitely has to be a reason for them to act in that manner, isn’t there?

In Korea, an actor has to be an immaculate human being. An actor has to be exemplary and to be the standard for everything. However, it’s very hard living as a perfect artist for the general public without losing yourself. Sometimes artists will remove those kind of limitations that are placed upon them and the output of their work will be extraordinary and different. We’re not immaculate gods and goddesses. Of course, I respect the people who are able to live like that. However, I decided to believe that there are still many happy paths still open for me. (Laughs)

There was a moment when you, who went away from the coercion that actors had to be magnificent human beings to walking down your own path of freedom, met the solid volition that you wouldn’t five up on your happiness. What method did you find in order to push ahead with that philosophy?

I only received love from the public because I’m an entertainer. When I’m seen through a project, I try that much harder to do well. However, “Han Ye Seul” is mine and mine alone. I try not to be imprisoned through the world’s glaring eye. Though I do try my best, I do it in a way where I won’t be hard on myself. I came to Korea in order to live my life. I habitually came home to an empty house by myself. It’s as if everyone has their own profession, but actors just have one job. While I intend to do my best as an actress, I’m very insufficient as a human. There are times when I do things others would hate, and I’m a person that is also capable of making mistakes. Demanding perfection from someone like me is a merciless thing to do. I maintain the peace in my heart and I love myself, and even if I can’t do it, there no one else to reward me! (Laughs) After a while of doing this line of work, I feel the tightening pressure inside of my own prison. That’s why I intentionally did something unexpected like that. I was in a situation where many people where chattering with a loud voice.

Source: Harper Bazaar Korea December 2012 Issue

Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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