Unpredictable Han Ji Min [Part One]

14 Aug

Precisely nine years ago, Han Ji Min acted as the younger counterpart to an actress the same age as her. And now, she has easily put her own name among the “Prominent Actresses” list. In the six hours Han Ji Min spent with us, she laughed a lot. She went up the stairs barefooted, tied up her hair tightly, and even mixed together some food. She asked “Why are you standing? ” followed by saying “Sit here”. She pulled up a chair for her assistant and pulled out her phone, and while showing a stored picture of her nephew, she let out a marvelous sound that didn’t exist in the world. It’s impossible to just say that she was pretty and nice, but no one could take their eyes off the woman who made it very enjoyable to be around her just through her presence alone. Han Ji Min, who surpassed everything we heard about her, expected from her and anticipated from her, talked about the anxious day that had passed, the ‘today’ that is happy, and the tomorrow that she’s dreaming about. Despite all of this, she talked about all of the things that haven’t changed. She said she still has a lot to talk about.

At this rate, your face is going to disappear.
When I start on a project, the I naturally lose fat. My friends always tell me to stop losing weight and that I’m like a cotton swab.

Where is there such a beautiful cotton swab in this world?!
That’s what I’m saying. Haha.

Did you rest a bit after the drama finished?
After just staying at home for a few days playing around without going anywhere, I did some interviews, some pictorials and met up with some friends after a long time.

We heard that you like vacations, so where did you go?
I had to postpone my trip because of this interview with Allure. After a while, I plan on going somewhere.

You received the script for Rooftop Prince during the middle of Padam Padam, right? It doesn’t seem like the worlds of Jina and Park Ha would normally be connected.
Yes. It wasn’t easy deciding on it. I received the script for Rooftop Prince during the most difficult time for Jina in Padam Padam. I put off reading the script, but ended up reading it anyway. I met Park Ha during a very difficult time, causing my muddled thoughts to dissipate. After receiving Park Ha’s bright energy, the belief that I could do things in a more amazing manner came to me.

We’re happy to be able to meet the Han Ji Min that screams and plays jokes on people.
Yes, Park Ha is a very energetic girl. That’s why it’s as if she’s a vicariously satisfying character. It was hard to be in sync with the four male actors that I had many scenes with in the beginning, but after adapting, we were able to perform in a more fun manner. I ended up busting out in laughter after just seeing their faces, which lead to some embarrassing situations.

You received a lot of love from the four men.
That’s definitely not the case. Upon seeing my interviews after the drama finished, they said I was easy-going and like a man. I became too comfortable around them and I regret that. Usually I was the maknae on set, but in this drama, I was the oldest person. I tried making an atmosphere that would allow my juniors to act comfortably, but I didn’t even think of myself as a “man”.

Surely they have a different way to express their affection. Did you guys meet up after the drama finished?
We contacted each other a lot, but every time we decided to meet up, it fell through.  I want to join up with some of my younger friends. I don’t know. Maybe they met up without me. Haha.

They say you cry a lot every time a drama finishes.
It’s hard to meet the staff members after a drama finished. Due to that thought, every time a drama finishes, I end up crying a lot. I believe that I’m able to safely finish each project because of the staff. Though I’ve become a veteran of 10 years, I still end up meeting new people. Although it is disappointing, it’s not as sad and difficult as it was back in the early days.

You have acted together with a lot of male actors. Among all of the male actors you have acted with, is there one that you would like to meet again?
I have had a lot of luck with my partners. I always meet an actor who cares for me. No matter how hard I work, I am always left with disappointment when I’m done filming. If I have to pick one person, I would have to pick Shin Ha Kyun, whom I met when I was at my most unsatisfactory level. He must have suffered a lot then because I didn’t know anything.

Do you also become angry from time to time?
Of course I do. Back in the day, I was the type who would pent everything up when something annoyed me, but lately I have been talking to my older sister and confiding in my friends as we drink alcohol.

Are you on the more sensitive side?
There are normal people who I have met 3-4 times seems like I have met them 30-40 times. I have a keen personality to the point where everyone can feel something is up whenever something happens. If someone among the staff isn’t having a good day, I keep worrying about them. Looking at it like that, it doesn’t seem like I’m too kind.

Rather than being sensitive, it seems you have a lot of emotions. It’s that way because you want to handle this person and that person.
I guess I’m nosy in a sense.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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