Unpredictable Han Ji Min [Part Two]

15 Aug

You must have heard a lot of lovely words, especially from your family.
I have received endless love from my grandmother. My grandmother still regards me as a puppy. She believes that when I go out, I’m doing difficult work. That’s why she always finds me pitiable.

She must really like it when you come out on TV.
She unconditionally watches every drama I’m in, and she especially liked this drama. Though it has been a month since Rooftop Prince has ended, I’m still immersed in that drama.

It looks as though you don’t shy away from talking about your family while doing interviews.
My family makes me complete. I’m best friends with my mom and older sister, and my nephew is just amazing. I have always liked children, so if I’m with my nephew, I’m happy without any thoughts. I make sure to look at the picture of my nephew in my phone before going to sleep.

How do you spend time alone?
Ever since I was born, there hasn’t been a time where I have been alone in an empty house. My grandmother or another family member is always there. I’m not used to being alone, but I have been thinking about the idea of ‘independence’ lately.

Your grandmother must really be against that idea.
Yes. As soon as I say it, she hates hearing it. I think living alone before it becomes too late will be a great experience for me.

What kind of books have you been reading lately?
It changes based on how I feel. Even after closely reading one book, I’m the type of person who doesn’t feel like I’m done with that book. I read books written by Buddhist monks when the times are difficult and I read novels when I don’t want to think. I listen to old pop music in the morning, and the type of music I listen to while drinking and while drinking soju are different.

Is there a character you desire to play?
I want to play a character in a school uniform before I too old for it. I also have the desire to play a specialized role like a doctor or a detective in a thriller.

Are you satisfied with the image people associate you with?
What kind of image do I have?

Nice and pretty?
I don’t think I’m as nice and pretty as people think. It’s an understanding that makes me feel good, so I don’t want to obstinately say that I’m not nice and pretty. My bright appearance on TV makes me appear prettier than I actually am, so that’s why people think like that. Everyone has several different appearances to them. I’m the same way.

That’s how we see you. Isn’t it sometimes too much for you to live as an actress?
There are many great things when it comes to living as an actress. First of all, there’s always service wherever I go. That’s what my brother-in-law says. “Not being served while traveling with Han Ji Min is weird.” Of course there are many difficult and hard things about being an actress. Establishing a standard for your life is important. I don’t cling to the title of an actress, though your life and thoughts can change depending on the emphasis one puts on being an actor/actress.

Does it seem like there is a possibility for an actress to not have any anti fans?
I’m thankful that I don’t have many anti fans. However, it’s not possible to have zero anti fans. Back in the day, I received a lot of wounds, but lately I have weeded them all out.

You have calmly walked to the position you are in today. Are you proud of that yourself?
My original personality slowly got used to and adapted to the occupation, so I came to believe that I could walk down the path of an actress. Thankfully opportunities find me. I slowly came to like the work that I was doing, I gained self esteem, and my desire to do well also arose. Rather than trying to make one big jump, I feel that it’s precious to advance one step at a time.

Don’t you have any anxiety about the incomplete elements that the job of an actress contains?
When one starts becoming famous and receiving love, they have to prepare for it to come at a time when it’s not entirely expected. If one always wishes to be loved, they’ll end up becoming weak. I’m thankful for what I’m doing today, and more than anything, I don’t rush when I’m selecting my next project, I’m looking further ahead and objectively when deciding.

When did you want to do well as an actress?
When my grandmother is happy. I feel good that I’m fulfilling my filial duty by acting. Outside of that, there are many things. I have come a long way on this road for one person. That person greets me by saying that she enjoyed me project after it is done airing. I’m thankful that she sympathizes by laughing and crying while watching my works.

 What words are on the verge of coming out of your lips?
The words that I use the most are when I’m hungry, in which I say “I’m hungry”, and after I’m done eating I utter “My stomach hurts”. Looking at it, it looks like I have a set of phrases, such as “I’m hungry”, “What are we eating?”, “I’m full” and “My stomach hurts”.

Looking at you, I figured the phrases to be “It’s good” and “Thank you”. What do you plan on doing once this interview is over?
I have to rest when I get home. However, once my mother sees my dolled up in makeup, she’ll ask why I came home looking this pretty and she’ll usher me to leave and go have some fun. Hmm, it seems like I need a secure a date with someone.



Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


3 Responses to “Unpredictable Han Ji Min [Part Two]”

  1. ester elisa (@be5t4r) August 15, 2013 at 12:55 pm #

    wuahhhh,,, read your translation, make me like discovering a new side of JM .. really appreciate your hard work … I hope your day is getting more and more proficient in writing ..
    one thing that caught my attention,,, wherever and whenever, Jimin never forgets to bring her family, especially her grandmother

    all I can say is thank you very much my dear The Real CZ

    does it have a next part ? hehehe…

    • therealcz August 15, 2013 at 1:28 pm #

      This is the end of this translation. The magazine has a more in-depth interview, but the one on Allure’s website usually has most of the interview posted. Like I said in the Ji Min thread, it would be way too costly to import the magazines to translate interviews, so I hope the truncated interviews posted on the magazines’ websites are enough!

  2. amaiichigo August 19, 2013 at 5:01 am #

    Thank you so much!!! I really enjoyed your translation. I love it ❤
    I like Han Ji Min and want to know more about her. But when it comes to magazine interview, I surrender.
    This interview really impresses.
    Thanks The Real CZ again 😀

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