Kim Tae Hee “I Want To Resemble Isabelle Huppert’s Genuine Beauty”

16 Aug

When Kim Tae Hee entered the office, such phrases as “Wow!” and “She’s really pretty” exploded. Everyone stopped what they were doing to get a look at her face. Though there have been many stars who have come to this office, it was the first time such a hot response was seen. She isn’t the “Nation’s Representative Beauty” for nothing.

The recently wrapped up SBS drama “Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love” was the first sageuk drama Kim Tae Hee had attempted since her debut. However, her apprehensive acting ability was put on the cutting board in the drama’s first half. She received a lot of stress from that. She believed that she had come all of this way. She hardened her heart and immersed herself into acting. The viewers started warming up the “Jang Ok Jung” after that. In the second half, the ratings went up, and the controversies about her acting ability cleanly disappeared in her ferocious eyes and words.

“I can’t be 100 percent satisfied with my acting. However, after saying that, I don’t regret it, either. The director strived to show me as the new Jang Ok Jung who was dignified. The love she had with Yi Sun (Yoo Ah In) had to be great. When it came to love, she was purer than anyone else. I believe that I expressed these points well.”

Naturally, Kim Tae Hee’s beauty became a topic in this drama again. She came out beautifully wearing a hanbok, showing off different charms. A new phrase appeared on the Internet, “Tae-ppeuda”, which is a portmanteau of Tae Hee and “yebbeuda(‘pretty’ in Korean).

“(As she was waving her hand) Phew, I’m very thankful, but this is a bit embarrassing. Although there are many dissatisfactory points about me, I feel like I’m gaining strength since you all have looked over me in a way that makes me feel pretty. Somehow receiving all of these compliments makes it seem like things are going to turn out better. (Laughs)”

Who is the actress that Kim Tae Hee, who is generally regarded as a beauty, acknowledge as the most beautiful actress?

“I think it’s Isabelle Huppert. Although her appearance is beautiful, her beauty as an actress remains in every project she has appeared in. I want to be like that.”

Kim Tae Hee is the topic of discussion inside and outside of TV. People are always expecting big things from Kim Tae Hee. The burden will always be following her.

“Of course it’s burdensome. However, I don’t view it as burden, but as love and interest. If I make a mistake, people will criticize me, but if I do well, I’ll receive more compliments. It’s as if that’s the fate of an actor. We have to accept it modestly.”

Out of nowhere, Kim Tae Hee became a veteran of 11 years. She stated “It seems like the time has quickly flown by” and “However, I’m even more attached to the recent projects I appeared in.”

“Acting in ‘Jang Ok Jung’ was the most difficult. Since it was my first sageuk, it seemed even harder. However, it was ‘Iris’ where the burden and pressure was the most extreme. In contrast to my lacking acting, I received excessive love. I really suffered to fill in the gap between the expectations from the audience and my acting ability. I also appeared in the drama ‘My Princess’ as the pure ‘Lee Seol’. I was able to develop myself as the actress Kim Tae Hee through that drama.”

Kim Tae Hee is an actress that has a lot of greed when it comes to acting. Although her appearance is always mentioned first, she has an overwhelming volition to show a new side of herself in movies and dramas. She stated that “I want to be remembered as the actress Kim Tae Hee” and “Since I expect to show myself with better acting, please anticipate for me in the future, too.”

As she was about to open the door and leave, I grabbed her and threw out one last question. The dating rumors she had with Rain really heated up in the first half of the year, so I was wondering if she had any plans for marriage.

“Since my personality has always been on the slow side, as I love, I expect it to take a long time. The path to marriage seems far away. What’s the best age for marriage? I think I’m still young. (Laughs)”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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