Han Ji Min, Born To Be A Bad Girl

17 Aug

When doing a pictorial with a celebrity, the editor always goes through great pains in choosing a concept. The editor must decide whether to save the actor’s existing image and express it beautifully or to entice people through a new appearance big enough to cause a sensation.

The editor looked at Han Ji Min’s pictures again and again, looking at her white skin, deer-like eyes, and chilling lips. The editor came to the conclusion that he couldn’t keep Ji Min’s beauty the way it is the more he looked at her good-natured face. Then he strangely became interested all of a sudden.

Is this woman truly nice?

Ever since her debut, the “Good Girl” image has followed her. While she was under the guise of being nice and pure, doing her regular volunteer activities and the like, the possibility is there that she isn’t all that nice. It seemed like her pretty image was created by those around her. It seems like her volunteer activities, talent, and donations are all grandiose. On the contrary, she might be thankful an opportunity like this came to her, as there is a lot to learn from this opportunity.

Didn’t you major in social work in university?

Yes, I did. However, I didn’t have the thought that I had to become a social worker. Ever since I was young, I have lived with my grandmother and grandfather, so I naturally became interested in the problems of senior citizens, and I have always like children from the start.

As you age in your 30s, you haven’t said “I need to take responsibility for my face”. The life you’ve lived and the size of your heart are what is being exposed. I believe that you’re a very good example for others.

I can sympathize with those words. Back in the day, whenever I saw Sean (of Jinusean), the image of a strong rapper didn’t come to mind. However, when I was in university, I saw him by chance in a chapel class and my impression of him was very good. Jung Hye Young is exactly the same. In the past, when they saw someone become very irritated over trivial things, they became irritated together.

Are there are incidents that make you angry now?

The thought of “Why is it like this?” comes up too often. It’s the same when I’m working. However, seeing as that I’m a celebrity, people around me can’t just readily approach me. I have to approach them first, and when I say something, the atmosphere becomes a lot more comfortable. Truthfully, everyone says I’m nice. Haha.

How do you relieve your stress?

I like to relieve stress by drinking. Truthfully, whenever I get stressed, my skin gets a reaction as if I have an allergy. My blood type is actually Type B, but I’m timid to the point where everyone says I’m Type A. Whenever people work, everyone has stress, and I strive to filter and remove the stress that comes from human relationships.

Don’t you wish your personality was warped at times?

I sometimes do provocative and sexy pictorials. Although it is unfamiliar, finding a new image from within is interesting.

Do you do your own beauty care?

I only applied baby lotion up until university. Lately pimples have been appearing, but they haven’t been coming back. Although I had an annoying personality, I strive to do well. I was careful in answering for fear of hearing that I had the characteristics of a mother’s beauty. Lately I have been applying a lot of makeup products. I have been focusing on moisture care. If one is faithful to the basics, there are different possibilities as to how you can administer your skin that will follow. I have started becoming greedy about makeup. Just like other women, I have done my makeup in a way where people don’t know whether I’m actually wearing makeup or not. I also use BB cream, a pencil liner, and lip balm and tint.

As you age, doesn’t the desire for beauty care gradually arise?

Why do you keep bring up my age? You should be saying that I’m young and fresh. I certainly apply body cream diligently. I liberally apply gooey products too. I apply foot cream, wear socks for sleeping and go to bed.

As a woman, do you have affected toward the word “Fragrance”?

Yes. I like things like candles, scents, and flowers. That’s why I choose shampoos with nice scents and apply scents to the clothes I wear.

The time when you’re the most beautiful is?

When I’m filming. There are hair and makeup experts, so I’m beautiful after they do their work. Normally, I don’t even dry my hair, so when I come home, my appearance is bad enough that my mother colds me, telling me to leave.

Now your bare face…

This is a serious problem!

What kind of person do you want to become?

I want to become sensible as a woman and as an actress. Life can’t always be advantageous for me. I feel like I need to sagacity of being thankful when I’m happy and to know that I need to overcome things when the going is difficult. As a woman, it’s natural to desire the family that one dreams of. I watched my older sister get married and raise her son, so I have a lot of feelings about a family.

You have to date!

Don’t worry! I’ll start now.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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