Lee Da Hee of “I Hear Your Voice”

19 Aug

Lee Da Hee snatched the eyes of the viewers of the drama “I Hear Your Voice” as the haughty prosecutor Seo Do Yeon. She looks chic, flaunting her sophisticated appearance matches the title of a super model and thin body line while showing off an elegant “pants look”.

“I have a complex about my tall stature, and there are rarely any times when I confidently straighten my shoulders, but doing a pictorial is precisely the time I do it. While wearing various pretty outfits, I’m able to find a style that matches me well. I really enjoy it.”

“I learned how to golf and ride horses for the dramas “Birdie Buddy” and “The Legend”, but I don’t like exercising that much. Therefore I don’t diet or exercise, I just decrease the amount of food I eat instead.”

“I originally liked cooking. I would sort out the kimchi, soak it and eat it, I wouldn’t eat the ramen, but I would put in several different ingredients, attempting a new recipe. I’m the type who cooks well, such as using chicken in a Korean recipe like steamed chicken.”

I wanted to be a super model and a lanky actress, so I blindly entered a super model competition.
If I could get my face known as a model, it seemed like I would be able to act. I have a lot of uncomfortable aspects about me because of my tall stature (176 cm). My desire to wear pretty heels never comes to fruition, and not only that, but it’s hard to look at the opposing male actor’s eyes while filming. Although it was embarrassing, there have been numerous incidents where I had to spread my legs while wearing a skirt to match the height of the male actor.

The fact that I’m not a rookie, but a veteran of ten years shocks everyone because everyone assumes that I’m a rookie.
In my senior year of high school, I debuted in the drama “Into The Storm”, so this year I became a veteran actress of ten years. People remember the warrior “Gak-dan” in “The Legend” and the prison guard “Gong Na Young” in the movie “Harmony”, but they don’t know me. At first I was upset, but I decided to positively accept it. As an actress, it’s vital to have your own light shine, but it’s important to ask yourself how far etched into the general public’s mind is the character that you played.

The ratings for “I Hear Your Voice” are good.
The atmosphere on set is really amicable. Due to Sang Hyun being a Hallyu Star, the delicious lunch boxes keep coming. During our days filming for the sitcom “The Secret of Keu Keu Island”, he had a dirty image as we were trapped on an island, but his status is very different now. The filming mainly takes place at the Bucheon District Court, but one time there was a person who was bound to a chair by rope.  I assumed it was a supporting actor, so I smiled and introduced myself, but I recall the atmosphere as being awkward. Upon learning that he really committed a crime and came here for a trial, I was extremely embarrassed.
I acted as the prosecutor Seo Do Yeon, and I had to make a tense opposition against the character Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) for the drama to survive.
However, since I’m very close with Bo Young, I ended up looking at her with a loveable look in my eyes without myself knowing in the middle of filming. Of course I cleared my head and got ready to have another battle through our spirits. What if I gained the ability to read another person’s mind just by looking at their eyes? The first thing I would want to do is read the director’s thoughts. Then the casting would end up being better, and I expect my acting would be better too. (Laughs)

“I wanted to get married early ever since I was little. If I create a stable family, I think that I may be able to show deeper and more robust acting as an actress.”

“Due to my tall stature and mature looks for my age, I played the role of a pregnant woman in my senior year of high school, so I have a love for acting in a school uniform. Therefore I was really anticipating the school scenes in the beginning of “I Hear Your Voice”. I didn’t know that there was a child actor to do that, you know.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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