Whatever Eugene does, it is cleanly solved [Part One]

24 Aug

Whatever Eugene does, it is cleanly solved. Whether she MCs a beauty program on a cable channel and causes a “beauty boom” throughout the country, or whether she takes on the leading role in a drama, the only reviews she receives are positive ones. After personally meeting Eugene, who acted on the small screen after a long time in Hundred Year Inheritance, I feel like I know the reason. Whatever Eugene does, with her very special talents, makes everything easy, enjoyable, pretty and comfortable. Spending time with her is very peaceful, as if enjoying sunbathing under the bright and clear sun rays.

Is this your first magazine shooting in 2013? Although it’s the February issue, it’s the onset of the new year, so I’ll start by asking you what your plans for 2013 are.
I’m always hoping that the project I’m currently doing and projects I start on in the future do well. Outside of that, I don’t have any concrete plans. Rather than goals, I’m about hope, so I just hope to keep meeting good projects in the future.


The response to the drama you’re currently filming, Hundred Year Inheritance, is great!
isn’t it because of the diverse love stories appealing to people despite this being a family drama? I expect that people are really enjoying watching our acting, not just from the love triangle involving Lee Jung Jin and myself, but the older actors have love lines too. The whole cast is great.


The casting for the older actors is amazing, so I was surprised.
There’s a lot of unexpected castings. Especially Jeon In Hwa, who plays the character Yang Choon Hee, who is a cafe owner. He plays the kind of character where when you think of his own image, you can’t even imagine it. Among the couples, there’s even a couple with a 20-year age gap. This drama, which has diverse characters and unexpected castings, has the elements to make the viewing experience more fun and interesting. If you watch the drama, you’ll be able to feel it a once.


There has been one thing I have always wanted to ask you since I was younger from the days of when we were about the same age when you were promoting as SES. How do you feel living with that kind of face? Haha.
My feelings? Hahaha. Doesn’t everyone see the world as the same? Um, wouldn’t it be just like me, who is short, asking someone who is tall “How is the air up there?”


Yeah, I guess one could see it like that. Anyway, in our generation, it was to the point where you had the symbolic image of a fairy; although it has no meaning, I just had to ask you. See, although you have always been beautiful, has there been a time where you think others would perceive you as even more beautiful?

As opposed to in the morning, it’s before I go to sleep. After I have traveled around all day, the swelling subsides right before I go to sleep. So, as a beauty mentor, saying something like this could be ironic, but I like people’s plain faces. Although people get prettier when they apply makeup, but as for peoples’ natural appearance, such as their eyebrows seeming to be gone or where their freckles are soon, I like people’s natural appearances that exude those qualities in their bare face, making them look even prettier.


You just mentioned it yourself, but you appeared as a beauty mentor in “Get In Beauty”. MCing and acting are two different fields, so didn’t you hesitate at first?
I was afraid since they were two totally different fields, but seeing as I worked hard, things seemed to have turned out well. Haha. However there’s still the live broadcast stage for “Great Birth 3”, so I am a little more nervous.


Many people say your heyday was in SES, do you particularly think that was your heyday?
I think it’s now. I don’t mean that as in this very moment, but it’s always “now”. I have always lived being satisfied with the present. I think that one’s heyday is when they are the most popular and when they make the most money, but isn’t that different from one’s values? I think it’s the best time when I feel satisfied and happy. That’s why I live thinking that “now” is always my heyday.


Are there any cool saying from the seniors in your life, not people of the same age, that you can expect to hear? For instance, if they chose the biggest turning point in your life, when would it be?
Wouldn’t it be when I started acting?


When you first started acting, you received favorable reviews of having stable acting despite originally being a singer. You didn’t even have the controversy of “foot acting” (term used for piss-poor acting) that always follows idol actors.
It seems like I heard those kind of words from people not because I acted well, but because I didn’t stick out. Weren’t the expectation low? However, when I watch myself acting from back then, it even makes my blood boil. Haha.


What do you perceive as your biggest strength?

The director and the seniors say that I’m overflowing with “plus energy”. When I act in a positive and bright role, they say that energy stands out even more. I expect that I have heard that plenty of times as I have played that role many times over for a while, but I also believe that it’s much easier for me to act in bright roles as opposed to depressing and dark roles. I haven’t attempted to do a very dark role, but the character Yoo Kyung in “Baker King Kim Tak Goo” had many dispositions that were the complete opposite of mine, so acting as that character made my spirits drop and it wasn’t enjoyable. That’s why it seems like that I always hear that my “plus energy” radiating is my strength when I play positive and bright characters.


Weren’t you originally more bright and positive?
I think that’s the case. However, I don’t think that’s it bad as an actress to sometimes carry that dark energy. That’s because as an actress, I have the desire to assimilate into many different roles well.


What kind of character do you desire the most?
I really want to do action acting that’s done correctly. I want to do it before I get too old so that my body can keep up. Haha. I have also really wanted to do comedy acting recently. I want a really really idiotic role. For example, an idiotic but lovable role like “Bridget Jones”.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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