Whatever Eugene does, it is cleanly solved [Part Two]

26 Aug

Your acting in “Princess Hwapyeong’s Weight Loss” was very memorable. Despite it being a one-act drama, I remember the response being very good. 
The makeup Princess Hwapyeong wore was strong. I want to attempt a character a lot more dense, stupid, and mistake-prone than Princess Hwapyeong, but when I actually do it, it’ll be difficult. As for me, I’m definitely not like that.

That’s correct. You really seem to be meticulous. Back when we were shooting, you first said “How is this hairstyle in this cut?” and “Doesn’t this lip color seem to match this clothing better?”, so with your suggestions, I thought “Ah, she’s definitely a beauty mentor!”
That’s probably because anyone like me who debuted long ago is like that. From the start I did many shoots, so my know-how increased over time. It’s my face, not that of others, right? I personally know what looks the prettiest on my face. Because I have done many pictorials, I developed the eyes that looked at the overall picture. The harmony on set is very important. First, because I learned that the hairstyle, background, poses, and facial expressions have to match the concept, I pay the more attention while shooting. It’s no good if the very best of me isn’t brought out.

It looks like you have to show them the way as a senior! Back to talking about acting. Eugene, as an actress that receives favorable reviews for stable acting, what do you thinking ‘good acting’ is?
It’s acting with honesty. That seems to be the most important thing. There are scenes that even make me really agitated. On one hand, even if I sympathize and become agitated while reading a scene, on the other hand, there are scenes where I keep reading and reading something, wondering why something is written in such a manner, not understanding it or becoming confused as to whether or not I portrayed the emotions properly. Times like that is when acting is certainly even more difficult. I believe that if one can call themselves an actor, they have to take it upon themselves to act all scenes with the sincerity of making people feel sympathy despite any difficulties. For example, when one has to do a crying scene, they can’t fake it, they have to be really sad and cry.

From the perspective of being an actress and a singer, which one do you think suits you better? Is it acting?
Uhm, both are interesting and both suit me.

What if someone suggested you to do musical activities now?
I would have to think about it. If I were to get an opportunity, it would be because I like music, not because I have some lingering attachment to it. I would want to do music that I would love to attempt.

What is the music that you would love to attempt?
As I get older, I have naturally become interested in relaxed songs that are appealing. For example, something like Carla Bruni. I really like the feeling from her songs. If there was something that I found disappointing, it would be the fact that the lyrics are in French, so I couldn’t understand what was being sung. Haha.
At the end of last year, which wasn’t too long ago (editor’s note: This interview was done in January), we have a fan meeting celebrating 15 years since SES formed.

Is there any possibility of SES reforming?
Isn’t there a way for all of us to unite at any time musically? Of course, it’s not likely for us to be able to go back to that position easily when looking at it realistically. However, if an opportunity was given to us, I wouldn’t see it as something that is totally impossible. At the very least, I see it being possible at any time since the three of us sing together or enjoy a great time together.

You look very happy right now. Is it because you’re married?
Everyone asks how things have changed after getting married, but it still seems like we’re dating at this point. Looking at it through the feelings of us still dating, we’re very happy living together.

That’s a comment that will be making the single readers who are still single on Valentine’s Day cry! As the representative celebrity woman who is already married, can you pass your secrets on how to entice men for all of the single females who are suffering from loneliness?
I don’t know exactly how to say this. Go ask your oppa. Haha.

Fine, what would oppa say then?
Hm, without any prejudice, I think they would say trying your best at something is good. No matter the person, I think everyone has their strong points, so be the type to see things with good thoughts and a good point of view, so then in the beginning, they will say that’s what’s good.

Have there been any times of despair for you, considering that you’re pure and bright?
In my life, the thing I haven’t felt is the concept of “despair”. Although there have been many sad things in my life, it doesn’t seem like I have ever been put in a “hopeless” situation in my life. I’m thankful for that.

Isn’t that the power of the positive energy that you possess? Looking back at things, you have the positive energy that despite the possibility that the situation could have been a hopeless one, you didn’t accept it as despair and brushed it aside.
That’s right. For me, there’s something simple that I do. If there’s something that’s not good or the source of my worries, I hate to continually think about. At times like that, there’s only one method. One has to absolutely go to sleep. It’s because you won’t be thinking while you’re asleep. However, other people say that if there’s a source for their worries, they can’t even fall asleep, but I sleep well. Hahaha. People say that I’m like this because of my peaceful personality.

That’s an ability we’re all envious of. The last question. Though this may seem like a meaningless question to someone like you who always lives like now is satisfying and happy, but in the future, what kind of ‘Eugene’ do you want to become?
Truthfully, there’s no meaning in deciding now in how I want to live in the future. Simply, it would be great if I kept living as I do now. The same attitude I have today will be the same five and ten years from now.



Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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