Han Ye Seul is a Very Cheerful Person Upon Meeting Her

28 Aug

Her cheerful high tone voice surged into the studio room. Anyone could figure out who the owner of the voice is upon just hearing her voice. She is Han Ye Seul. Han Ye Seul came to the studio to do a pictorial after a long time, but she wasn’t alone. She came with Nicola Formachetti, who came to Korea on March 27th. Nicola Formachetti, who is a global style director who has done countless collaborations and style directions, participated in a collaboration with the newly launched French jewelry brand Didier Dubot with his own jewelry line, Nico Panda. He participated in a special pictorial where he did the style direction himself with Han Ye Seul, Didier Dubot’s muse.

Formichetti and Han Ye Seul were just like dancers of an illusion, where Han Ye Seul dragged out a powerful, sensual feeling that we didn’t even know that she possessed under the guidance of a shocking Formichetti in a cool manner.

“It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? During the time since we last met, I’ve seen many things, experienced many things, and even gone on trips, so my own personal experience has piled up. Can’t you feel this experienced? (Laughs)”

Han Ye Seul, who is currently preparing for her comeback project by reviewing dramas and movies stated that she quickly wants to work, hinting at the desire for the shocking and polished works. Back in the day, she portrayed bizarre or characters that someone in their 20s would like, but while she has taken a break, she personally has changed a lot.

“This time I met Nicola Formichetti as a muse, but in the future it would be great if I had a worthwhile opportunity to be directly involved in the design. Back in the day, my stylish sense wasn’t as known professionally compared to how much I put into applying it, so when people objectively evaluated my style, I was definitely scared about whether the things I was personally involved in would come out polished. If an opportunity was given to me to enthusiastically participate in a collaboration after my know-how and experience piled up, I would want to do it any time. At the time, I would certainly have to create what I wish to wear, wish to carry and wish to own. It would have to be something dignified that people wouldn’t be embarrassed to receive as a gift. This is something a friend would say. (Laughs)”

Her birth stone is sapphire, as she’s a woman born in September. She is a woman of the heavens through her birth stone, and it is clearly evident that jewelry is the fated medium that allows her to shine in such a way. Her personal directing sense was shown as she already got a golden manicure done before coming to the studio for the pictorial concept with a metallic background to run smoothly. Han Ye Seul was very charming wearing several layers of small jewelry from Didier Dubot’s Nico Panda line and a sexy corset motif rather than wearing achromatic jewelry such as platinum or silver of a bold yellowish gold color.

“I wonder if the beauty that I’m seeking is ‘alluring’. Aren’t I alluring myself? Whatever, it’s all good, and I’m sorry (laughs) but truthfully, I really like Marilyn Monroe.  I don’t know whether Marilyn Monroe was a muse for a particular jewelry brand, but she left behind some very fascinating sayings, such as in the song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” (from the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes). These words represent glamour and sensuality…isn’t that really cool? I want to resemble her.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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