Sunmi “After Waiting Three Years and Seven Months, I Found the ‘Real Me’”

5 Sep

What was the past three years and seven months like for Sunmi, who shined under the bright spotlight as a member of the best girl group? Sunmi, who has her roots in the girl group the Wonder Girls made her solo debut with the single “24 Hours Aren’t Enough”. Sunmi shows off her hesitation and nervousness as she once again steps upon the stage, introducing herself as the “rookie singer Sunmi”. How long the wait for this moment must have been. Sunmi hasn’t been able to sleep because of her palpitating heart.

It has been about five years since she has had an interview with the press, and she has even taken some pills to calm her heart. Although she has nerves of steel on stage, she can’t hide the trembling she’s experiencing on the inside as she’s about to step on stage alone.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this moment. (Laughs) To be honest, my mom was more impatient than I was. I wasn’t going to let myself be forgotten just like this. I’m sorry for making my family and my fans worried. However, I personally feel that the past four years that I’ve been gone have been more precious, so I’m thankful. That is due to being able to find the answer to the ‘me’ that I didn’t know while I was promoting as a member of the Wonder Girls.”

The decision to leave the Wonder Girls wasn’t an easy one after they had been named as the “Nation’s Girl Group” after songs such as ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Nobody’ became national hits. However, Sunmi emphasized again that something good came out of something bad. During the time she was enduring everything, she became an adult.

“During my absence, I entered school and even made friends. I was able to have all of the things I missed out on due to debuting at an early age and I became a better person by filling in all of my deficient points, so it was a time where I really developed myself. If you look at it from a competence point of view, I worked hard to internally improve myself.”

Sunmi, who always seemed like a young child, suddenly is becoming a ‘woman’. Looking at it like that, Sunmi strongly gives off the scent of a woman in her single ’24 Hours Aren’t Enough’, where she reinvents her image. As opposed to her ‘girlish’ image, Sunmi greets us with the image of a woman who has short, pink hair that spins around and wearing tight clothing, singing with her whole body.

After 13 years, where he participated for the first time in Park Ji Yoon’s dance, music, music video and choreography, the great pains that Park Jin Young went through in selecting a color that could only be Sunmi’s is apparent. Due to his great efforts, the stage only fit for Sunmi was created.

“Due to having the title of being from the Wonder Girls, many people were anticipating my comeback. Having to satisfy those expectations were burdensome, but stepping on stage once again made me happy. I quickly want to show people how much I have changed.”

“More than anything, the past three years and seven months have allowed me to look back on myself because while I was promoting as a member of the Wonder Girls, I kept running without any time to rest. When I look into the far future, I’ll never see the past three years and seven months as a bad time. It’s okay because that time allowed me to develop and become more robust.”

While she stood at the very top at one time, she quietly awaited for her chance to go back to the point where she was a rookie. At the end of four years of waiting, there’s a reason to pay attention to the stage that melts Sunmi’s longing for the stage after all of the sweat and passion she put in.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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