Kim So Eun “I Want To Love For Real Instead of Having One-Sided Crushes”

6 Sep

“My desire for the character and to work with director Lee Byung Hoon grew. It was interesting as to how I would portray the bright princess that did things her way.

Princess Sook-hwi, whom Kim So Eun acted as, was the tonic for the recently concluded MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “The Horse Doctor’. The frank and loveable Princess Sook-hwi captured the interest of the viewers in one instant.

Kim So Eun, who appeared with an appearance that contained all of her charms as she wore a pastel-toned trench coat with a mini one-piece skirt, complimented by her long, wavy hair, made an unexpected confession. “Truthfully, I don’t actually have any clothes like this. I enjoy wearing achromatic colors. I like comfortable clothing like a t-shirt with blue jeans.”

In episode 10 of ‘The Horse Doctor’, Kim So Eun finished off the kissing scene with Baek Gwang Hyun (Jo Seung Woo) that made everyone who watched it impatient with an adlib. Princess Sook-hwi’s observance over Baek Gwang Hyun, who in turn was looking after a cat, made her heart flutter, indicating her first love.

“The director liked the adlib. When the camera continues spinning around, the actors’ antics even make it onto the broadcast. It is difficult as we film while fighting the cold, but it was an interesting experience.”

Kim So Eun is entirely different from the Princess Sook-hwi of ‘The Horse Doctor’, as Princess Sook-hwi is a lively character who attracts attention while Kim So Eun has a quiet personality and is really shy around strangers. She mainly visits places that she always goes to and feels the most comfortable at home.

“Even in front of men, I have a curt style. I’m the type that leads when I’m with my friends. For example, women worry whether to go here or there when going out to eat, but I’m the one that exclaims “Let’s go!” as I lead my friends.”

As easy-going as Kim So Eun is, she enjoys sports. She especially felt empty if she didn’t ski every winter after learning how to ski when she was in elementary school. She even took some time out of her busy schedule last winter to find a ski resort due to her love for skiing being special. “I’m the type that prefers fierce sports like skiing, fencing, and horseback riding. Even as a child, I really enjoyed playing sports.”

At one time she dreamed of being an athlete, but upon coming across acting, her life changed 180 degrees. The things she chose as the charms of acting include things such as being able to create yourself as you desire and that there’s no wrong answer.

“When I first started acting, even looking at my past performance myself, I couldn’t act. I didn’t have a place to properly study acting, so I had to resort to grasping the art of acting through doing it myself. It seems like if I get scolded a lot, I improve the more I get scolded.”

Kim So Eun, who entered JoongAng University as a Theater and Film major, chose Go Ara and Kim Bum as her celebrity friends that attend the same school. Though they can’t see each other often as they become busier, they send their regards to each other and meet up once a year. “After we meet up, we drink and chat while eating. As opposed to drinking at a bar, I’m the type of person who takes care of my drunk friends and sends them home.”

Kim So Eun has been in various projects since her 2005 debut in ‘Sad Love Story’, as she was also in ‘Sisters of the Sea’, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘One Thousand Kisses’. Although she has yet to decide on a specific destination, she isn’t hasty.

“As for acting, I don’t want to just ride on the popularity wave. I think I’m going up step by step. I believe that ‘The Horse Doctor’ became a turning point for me.”

Kim So Eun wants to plays a bizarre, bubbly character with a 4-D personality in a romantic comedy. She believes if she’s given a character like Nodame (played by Ueno Juri) of the Japanese drama ‘Nodame Cantibile’ or Na Sang Shil (played by Han Ye Seul) of ‘Fantasy Couple’, she could play that character better than anyone.

“I want to hear that I’m an actress of many colors. I want to be an actress that can assimilate into any role. It would be good if I love for real instead of just having a crush in my next project.”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


2 Responses to “Kim So Eun “I Want To Love For Real Instead of Having One-Sided Crushes””

  1. lucas September 6, 2013 at 12:59 pm #

    kim so eun, perfecta como siempre..!!!!!

  2. Tharidu Lakmal I'am Sri Lankan Boy February 17, 2017 at 11:41 am #

    I Love You

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