Immortal Actress Han Ye Seul [Part Two]

13 Sep

What’s your relationship with your mother?
Back then, whatever I did, I tried to only show the good side of myself. Even if I was having a hard time, I pretended as if things were okay, I pretended to know even if I didn’t know, and I pretended to be mature when I was pissed off and wanted to give up. That’s the “me” that I hid from my mom. Since I seem far away from my mom, I just started showing off myself as I naturally am. My mom may even be worried, saying things like “My daughter is still a baby”, but I like the fact that our closeness and bond are strong. On one hand, it’s as if I’m implanting the awareness in her that I’m the daughter that she still has to protect and that I still rely on her. I also have a lot of fun being with my mother. We watch TV, do other things and talk. There are a lot of things we talk about, and without choosing a subject, we talk and talk.

What kind of clothes do you wear at home?
I wear sexy lingerie that you would see in a movie…I wish…however, though I wanted to instill a fantasy for the male readers, I always end up wearing pajamas. I like wearing male boxers. However, when I get a lover, I won’t do that anymore! I have a large collection of lingerie! For the man who becomes my lover, it’s okay to anticipate it! Haha.

What clothes do you normally like to wear?
I like to wear neutral clothing, such as leggings with a t-shirt. I don’t have many fancy clothes with things like patterns, just monotone colors like black and white. Though I own many t-shirts and leggings, I bought a lot of clothes just because they were too pretty even though the likelihood is that I wouldn’t go out wearing these clothes. I have dresses that are suitable for awards, parties and huge events. I’m the type who buys clothes when I go overseas that aren’t available in Korea yet, and I enjoy having “exclusive” clothes that sparks the interest of fashion people. My mom says “You’re not even going to wear those clothes!”, but I respond “Just wait, mom. I’ll wear them eventually!” Ah, but there are clothes that I haven’t tried on. Things like “Harlem Pants” and “Ddong Ssan Pants (ddong ssan literally means “to take a shit”, but here, it refers to pants that hang halfway down your ass ). They looked cool when I looked at them, but there’s no way those clothes will match me.

What do you take with you go out?
Hand cream and lip balm. I carry these around with me like I would a cell phone. I can’t stand my palms being dry. I can’t wash my hands if I don’t have my hand cream!

It’s been a long time since you started working.
I feel this “old” feeling since it’s been about ten years since I debuted. I still want to be one the industry’s “babies”. However, it’s time to grasp onto that turning point in my acting and entertainment career. I know the image that the general public wants from me. No matter how I look at showing my ‘fixed image’, it fits, however, there are various different sides to me on the inside, and I have a strong desire to show off those other sides of me. Back then, I was vaguely thinking about the road that I had to take, but lately, I’ve been thinking about the road that I want to take. I want to go down that path with freedom, without any attachments, and with courage.

The differences in you when you work and in your everyday life?
They’re very different. At work, I’m adventurous, bold, and very desirous. There are choosy and meticulous sides to me as well. When I was a rookie, I often heard things like “She’s a rookie, so why is she so stubborn?” I have thought about this a lot. “Exactly why am I like this? A good thing is a good thing, but even when it doesn’t seem so, it would be good to cross over and compromise.” However, if I do work like that, I regret it afterwards. That is why I have decided to think like I do now. “My tendencies and personality are the way they are, so I will proceed according to my own style.” As a professional, I clearly do the work I have to do and clearly express my opinions. If the results are good, everyone will acknowledge it.

How about your relationship with others?
I think there’s prejudice against spunky, enthusiastic and generous people like myself. However, to be truthful, I’m very cautious and full of fear. I’m afraid of being wounded. I’m the type who will go out being courageous, but if there’s any indication of being hurt or if I actually do become hurt, I flee. If I’m about the have the feeling of being hurt, I block it off beforehand. Right now seems to be a very important time in my life. I can’t shake if I get hurt from someone else or if I have a episodic attack. I don’t have to strength to do that.

if you were to compare the beginning to now?
When I debuted, I felt like I was being dragged along, but now I’m leading things myself more. Now I clearly know what I want. Back then I thought it was fine to just follow along whomever was guiding me. My desire to be recognized as an actor was huge, so I just thought it was standard procedure to go down the path of an actor. Now I don’t want to just be acknowledged in acting, but in other angles and genres like variety, business, entertainment, etc. Lately the times have come under the influence of the “multi player” stream. I want to break the stereotypes of old and match my activities to the changes of this generation.

If an actress does this, would you understand this as to something like appearing out from a rising mystic curtain?
Rather than say it’s “approaching”, the meaning would be more like “satisfying the desired happiness”. There’s a reason at the time when the general public likes me. They see my fashion style and can obtain happiness visually, and they can also obtain happiness through my character as they watch my acting. I know what I want, and accurately doing what I want seems to be important. Entertainment isn’t a concept that just includes acting, but includes everything. When I look at it like that, I want to become a person that can satisfy people through my projects, styling, makeup, shows, and songs.

Do you have a role model?
There are people that are admirable that I want to resemble. Instead of just following in the footsteps of those people, I think that I need to get to know myself more. “How I should live my life? In what direction do I want to take my life?” Things like that. In life, things aren’t explicitly decided at every moment. I don’t know. I don’t know whether to become a sacred person, live as an awesome career woman, or to become like a bunch of soft flowers being concealed in a veil. I think that the shape that the “right” life for oneself takes on a different shape for everyone. I have to understand what shape allows me to live in the happiest manner. There’s no one thing that’s correct in this generation.

What are your life priorities?
Back in the day, I thought love was everything. I thought that I would work hard and live to meet the person that I love. I wanted to show off a cool side to myself to the person that I would love and I decided to become a cool person. Now…I like this book called “The Life In Which Goals Lead (You)”, but the book talks about how important goals are in life, whether you have them or not. Having goals in my life have become the most important thing now. Whether it’s love, work, or  family, it’s the goal at the specific moment in time.

Is my appearance comfortable now?
Back then, there were many immature sides to me, so it was difficult in life and in the work place. Compared to then, I have become more mature, so there are some areas that have become comfortable for me. When times are difficult, there are ways to reason with me, and I have gained the endurance to withstand (work). So, when talking about “the comfortableness of Han Ye Seul”, it’s uncomfortable. I’m never generous towards myself. I whip myself, and I’m running, gasping for air, and because of that, I make things difficult for myself. If my soulmate whom I’m fond of, can trust and can show my natural appearance to appears, we will be able to share that comfortableness then.

How satisfied am I with my appearance (in isolation from my “comfortableness”)?
I’m always desiring something. However, I’m satisfied with my appearance. Anyway, it’s because I still haven’t given up until now and I’m still running. I find myself to be satisfactory and I’m proud of myself.*

*(Translator’s note: I believe the question and Ye Seul’s answer are reflective of her image as an actress, not her actual physical appearance.)

-End of Interview-


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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