Toda Erika MyNavi Interview

23 Sep

On July 18th, the original drama “I Love You”, which is a three-part omnibus love story, will start on the comprehensive entertainment app UULA. UULA is an app exclusively for smart phones where customers can enjoy over 60,000 clips and songs to their hearts content for 490 yen a month. In the part titled “Transparent Polar Bear”, Toda Erika plays the part of Chiho, who feels anxiety in her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend after his job relocation was decided. This is a work that depicts the hearts that way to love that instinctively makes you empathize with the characters. We inquired Toda Erika, who is of the same generation as the characters, about how she feels things and her thoughts on the drama.

Toda Erika, who plays Chiho, harbors anxiety in her long-distance relationship. First, after asking about her impressions from reading the script, she said “The world view is extremely abstract, and it’s a production not afraid of creating a gap that’s difficult to understand, so it is to say that I received this kind of impression from the script. However, I think that this is a production that shouldn’t fill in that hole. The feeling I get from the girl I play is that she believes that it would be good if an abstractly wonderful mood were to be emitted.” Certainly Chiho will transmit that through the video, as Toda Erika is like a girl devoted to the task of getting the viewers to perceive things from Chiho’s point of view in order to make Chiho and easily understood character.

When asked about any scenes from the drama with lasting impressions, Toda said “The very last scene. It’s the scene where Chiho’s own response wouldn’t come out, but she wanted to convey all of her feelings regarding her boyfriend, but director Hiroki told me to that scene with all of my might so that I would be on the verge of crying. When I was at the script-reading stage, I thought that there wasn’t any scene where I would have to express emotions to that extent, but if I were to act it out in reality, the nature of the relationship between Chiho and her boyfriend would collide at once due to that. I would be able to express the flow of emotions of their relationship becoming closer in an instant, and I thought that unexpected method of creating a scene was very impressive. That final scene where Chiho’s emotions explode might be one of the drama’s highlights.”

Again, it seemed like there would be many scenes where we could sympathize with Chiho’s feelings, Toda said “As I thought, when I’m together with my (acting) partner, it is easy to understand his feelings I can feel them, however, at any rate, when we’re separated, aren’t there a lot of parts where it’s difficult to express our feelings? Therefore, when the two become connected, no matter how they become connected, I can understand Chiho’s anxiety very well, and I can understand the accusations she made of her boyfriend until that point.” The scene where Chiho accuses her boyfriend over and over while trembling with anxiety will definitely make everyone sympathize with her.

By the way, due to colliding with the obstacles of love in a long-distance relationship in the drama, we asked Toda herself what she was when she is troubled by love. She said “I think that in the end, the two have no choice but to talk. However, I consult my friends and people who have life experiences, so I believe that your own way of doing things has to be there somewhere and the duty of ascertaining your own feelings one more time is very important. The two people have to settle their own problem, however, you can also let someone else arrange your own feelings for you. So doing that your voice will definitely be heard, but then when the two are talking together, they’ll be thinking of whether or not they are mutually confronting each other’s feelings, and I believe that is very important to think about.” We are able to use Toda’s opinion as a reference when it comes to women worrying about love.

Toda, who informed us with her great timing to recommend watching this drama, said “Seeing as this is a work that you can always watch through your smart phone, I think it’s good to watch it through your emotions at a time when you feel inclined to watch it. Given that it is a work that can allow you to tenderly cuddle with someone, I think ‘isn’t it a work that gives you positive energy when you are worried about love or anything else in general?'”

Finally, we turned to the woman who was working to the very end when we received a message from her. “While living a normal a normal life, and while you may be thinking about your own happiness, during the times when you suddenly feel loneliness and solitude, everyone else probably has the same feelings. Therefore, when you are doing something, do it to completion while everyone is searching for a solution. I think one should spend time doing things that they enjoy, however, you might not discover the other things buried in your heart, though I believe that humans are complicated beings who readily bury things in their heart. However, entertainment truly has some aspects where you have no choice but to do them, but there are aspects that can save you, so during those times, I desire to come into contact like this project, a movie or a drama. So, in that manner, I think it’s good to participate in a project that allows me to cuddle up with all of you, so if you watch it, I’ll be happy. (Laughs)”


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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