Kim Tae Hee, The Human [Part One]

24 Sep

The actress Kim Tae Hee. The significance that this name holds isn’t small. For others, they call Tae Hee ‘Goddess’, while others may call her the ‘Daughter of my mother’s friend (meaning that she’s perfect and your mother would always be comparing you to her friend’s perfect daughter). People give her compliments while also being jealous of her. What’s worse is that it’s hard for other celebrities to be compared to Kim Tae Hee’s commonly acknowledged beauty.

However, there is a different source of worry for Kim Tae Hee. Those worries are the prejudice that come against her for people being envious of her looks and the slumps and dilemmas she inevitably faces about her acting as she walks down the path of an actor.

In the beginning of the, Kim Tae Hee, who set various internet sites ablaze with the fact that she was dating Rain, appeared in front of the general public after a long time. That was when she appeared as the ninth Jang Hee Bin in the drama ‘Jang Ok Jung’.

This is the Naver Star Column in which we directly Kim Tae Hee’s help so that [you, the readers] can spend time with our ‘Kim Tae Hee Analysis’, learning about Kim Tae Hee the human and Kim Tae Hee the actress.

Kim Tae Hee just wouldn’t reveal herself to the public, so starting now, listen to the story of Kim Tae Hee, in which people are curious about the woman who gives off such a mysterious feeling.

Hello. This is Kim Tae Hee. I’m honored that I’m able to meet all of you like this. I’m naturally a person of few words, as my brother (Lee Wan) and I just don’t communicate with each other very well. However, you guys know that more than anyone, we have a strong connection, right? ^^

And yet we have had embarrassing talks through Kakao Talk lately. It seems that we have started talking more the older we get. When we were younger, we were both busy, and it was embarrassing, so we barely had any basic conversations with each other. Haha.

Anyhow, we’re talking about my little brother a lot. I’m enlightening everyone reading this Star Column about Kim Tae Hee the human and Kim Tae Hee the actress. What’s different about the two? Before we ‘peel the layers’, is it like a chestnut and it’s bur? I’ll come a little closer to all of you, showing my comfortable and familiar appearance to all of you.

Meeting my Korean fans after such a long time made my heart flutter while also causing me to be nervous. I’ll slightly reveal my story in order to become the actress Kim Tae Hee that is closer to all of you. I might not talk about a certain thing? Hahaha.

# Is Kim Tae Hee a fashionista?

Due to being a fashion design major, many people are interested in the clothes that I wear. How.e.ver! I enjoy wearing a training outfit the most on a normal day. When I’m working on a project, I’m always having fun wearing something like a uniform. Of course, wearing running shoes with my training outfit completes my fashion. I’m the type of person who enjoys wearing comfortable clothing most of the time. You didn’t possibly think that I wore a princess’s dress at home, did you? lol.

It’s true that celebrities have to worry about what they wear when they go out. It’s especially true about the ‘guillotine’ of the verification of fashion, and one such part is concentrating one’s heart and soul on airport fashion. It’s one thing I’m sensitive about as an actress since I have had many people take pictures of me.

Ah, that’s right. Lately people have been thoroughly entranced by the beauty of the hanbok through the drama ‘Jang Ok Jung’. I have even tried making a mini-sized hanbok through the know-how that I gained in that time. I think it’s very appealing the more that I get to know it. (Hmm, my desire to introduce the drama is increasing. I’ll stop here, as I’ll talk about the drama later!)

# Kim Tae Hee’s Private Life

It’s something that is grandiosely titled, but in reality, it’s not special. I just meet up with my friends and take a stroll through the mountains in the neighborhood. Ah, I also really enjoy riding my bike! Last year when I had time, I received a certification for scuba diving and even learned how to golf.

I thought I did very well by learning how to scuba dive. This drama was the first time I did a scene in the water. A few years before, I went to Guam for my schedule and I had a panic attack in the water. I wondered if I was going to die at that time. I had some trauma in regards to water because of that ‘panic attack’, so I wanted to overcome that. I learned scuba properly by filling up days learning it, not by cramming it into a few days.

When I first went deep into the water, my ears hurt, I couldn’t breathe, and it felt like water was rushing in. I couldn’t breathe through my nose, and as I entered the water, I went into panic. Thanks to how hard I studied to learn, when I was filming in the water this time, I held my breath for a while and delayed taking off the oxygen mask, so when I went up to the surface and breathed once again, I did it again and successfully finished the filming. If I hadn’t truly become certified, something unexpected may have happened. I now have the confidence to film in the water!

After that I learned how to golf. I started to play golf because of my family. Seeing as how my older sister and my younger brother have liked sports from the beginning, my family always went golfing without me. What’s worse, I woke up one birthday and no one was around and there was nothing to eat. Seriously…these people… it was as if I was excluded from them at some point, so I interfered with their golf time.

Golfers have a saying of “put your hair up”, so I put my hair up. It seems like I’m a golf prodigy. Though when I did put my hair up, I shot 102 that day. However, after that, that score is gradually becoming a ‘sad legend’ that’s drifting away from me.ㅠㅠ

I originally couldn’t play ball games very well, so I didn’t have high expectations for golf. I should have learned something else that could help me improve my acting. After trying it, I unexpected thought that golf was an interesting sport. You can enjoy good prices if you avoid playing on the weekends. The prices are considerably higher on the weekends. If only the prices were adjusted, it seems like it would be a very great sport for me as I become older.

# Kim Tae Hee’s Family

As you all may know, I have a younger brother who has become known through the name Lee Wan, so I will talk a little bit about him. I heard stories about me from what my brother heard around him. I did mention him earlier, but we weren’t the type to communicate with each other a lot, so I thought the news about me wasn’t special. Part of it was due to us being actors, but due to us being family, we ended up not talking much. It was difficult and we were careful, but seeing as that both of us don’t have talkative personalities, it just ended up being like that even more [that we didn’t talk].

It’s our mother that plays the role of connecting us. For example, if one of us brings up a topic and talks about it, she’s the one who gets us to stop.

In the end, when we’re at home, talking about our sister and father become the most important thing. Since our father was a businessman, he was a man of many words while my mother was somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. So in the house, there’s some form that’s creating an equilibrium. So my brother and I are taciturn, my mother is neutral and my father and sister and lively. Equilibrium seems to be what allows our family to live happily.

Ah, there were many people who have asked me why I didn’t go see my brother when he enlisted in the military. There’s a feeling that I’m a criminal for not seeing my brother…However, when my brother was at boot camp, I went together with my family to see him. After that, what…(sorry!). Still, I was able to call him when the veterans connected me to him when I called. (Was this his duty? ^^;;)

The atmosphere changed, so that most important issue at home is ‘Jang Ok Jung’. I was able to rise up to the spot because of my parents. I can only be thankful to the two people who certainly are always on my side. I had to work harder for this project so that I wouldn’t let them down compared to their high expectations. How I see it, they are in a state where they are only watching the drama.

To finish this off by bringing this up is tough, but many people are probably interested. As we were getting ready to film, the dating rumors with “him” became known, causing everyone a lot of burden, so I am really sorry to the drama team. I was really anxious and worried about whether this would become trouble.

However, I strived to make this a drama that would live up to everyone’s expectations when I thought of his encouraging words like ‘The results will be as good as your effort put into it’. So I will repay everyone back with a more mature image, for everyone who has given me love and thought about me.

While I hope that the day can come where I can personally feel that I’m going down a good road in the future, I’ll end the “Kim Tae Hee, The Human” part here.

In the next part, the topic of “Kim Tae Hee, The Actress” will be brought up. Ten years have already passed since Kim Tae Hee has taken the title of an actress. She is an actress that has reached this spot, as she is denounced at times while at other times she hears encouragement and supportive words. As for now, it’s the appearance of the ever-changing ‘Actress Kim Tae Hee’. Just wait a little, as she’ll be right back. ^^


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


5 Responses to “Kim Tae Hee, The Human [Part One]”

  1. Dulce Oyuki Zatto Contreras October 1, 2013 at 3:17 pm #

    m gustamn muxo s ls mando saludos va cuidns muxo
    us series son muy lindas

  2. CP November 13, 2013 at 3:40 am #

    Thanks for the translation, would be lost trying to understand korean in the linked page! I have never heard of Kim Tae Hee until recently, did not realise it was her in IRIS – THE MOVIE earlier on. I have just started watching LOVE STORY IN HARVARD, think she speaks English rather well there (may be it was dubbing afterall?). It would be interesting to read part two follow up, and perhaps get to know her better. For the moment, she is little MISS PERFECT in one of MR MEN cartoon characters!

    • therealcz November 13, 2013 at 6:17 am #

      I’ll have part two up by the end of this month. I just have a lot of translations to do, so I’m trying to make everyone happy by doing some here and there.

      Kim Tae Hee is really smart (graduated from Seoul National University, the top university in Korea), so her voice wasn’t dubbed when she was speaking English.

      • CP November 13, 2013 at 7:55 pm #

        Thanks again, looking forward to read part two.


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