The Kind Kim So Yeon

25 Sep

Kim So Yeon opened the studio door and entered, arriving at a time where the hour hand had passed one and was leaning towards two. As soon as she entered the studio, she kept lowering her head to all of the staff she was meeting on set, and after greeting them, went to work. People thought that she might have just been arrogant, but the people in the studio started regarding her in an unexpected viewpoint. In videos, pictorials, and photographs that she appeared in, her image was close to being cold or cold-hearted in the majority of them. Her image was strong to the point where one could say something like that when she was offered a pictorial that was bright and lovely. “It’s not a concept that I normally do, so I don’t know if I can do it well. However, it seems like it will be fun.” The first impression of her was that her kindness wasn’t fake, but her excessive kindness seemed real to the extent where one would worry about her. It was fairly easy for people who are used to being kind to become hurt from people who cannot unconsciously recognize their own rudeness. However, after the pictorial, the interview proceeded like this. “Ever since I was young, I learned from my parents that I have to be kind and was raised that way, so being nice is natural for me. I personally become more comfortable with it. If I wish for something but it’s not what I want, I don’t necessarily become hurt because of it.”

Although she used language that was going extinct like the dinosaurs, when explaining teen stars, it’s a period of time when the term “late teen star” was mobilized. At that time, Kim So Yeon was such a “late teen star” that received a considerable amount of attention. Kim So Yeon started acting in 1994, her third year in middle school. There may not be many people who remember the drama “Dinosaur Teacher”, but those who were in their teens and 20s would be in their 30s and 40s by now, and it was a popular drama back in its day. Kim So Yeon was able to be in the spotlight because of that drama. Among the representatives in the industry, a rumor circled that she was a middle schooler with the face of a twenty-something. She was designated as an actress who had a mature image for her age and had the ability to act well. Thanks to that drama, Kim So Yeon started to enjoy being selected as the main lead for the small screen at an early age. On the other hand, it was like poison. “When I appeared in the drama ‘Yesterday’, I was in my second year of high school. However, I had to act as a character in her later 20s, but to be honest, there was no way for me to understand the feelings of that character. It was not a character that I could work hard at assimilating into. The director got really pissed off at me, and I felt that filming was becoming more difficult because of me. The set itself was scary. I could have said that my existence itself was causing harm.”

The hardships and the moments of the past have ripened into memories. The three-plus years were like an instruction to Kim So Yeon. “However, in the end, I had no understanding of the job of an actress or the technique of acting. It was just an opportunity given to me, so as I followed along, I had no special worries about it. There was never a time when I thought that acting was interesting and I didn’t even have the desire to do it. I only thought about acting.” The series ‘Gourmet’ was the one where So Yeon removed the cave-like vacuum. Just like an appetizer that calms you down, ‘Gourmet’ was the series that perfectly saved Kim So Yeon after she had been forgotten over the previous three years. Kim So Yeon certainly realized something. It was alright not to be the center of attention. She realized that if she wasn’t stubborn about having the leading role, that her career as an actress could continue and that she would be able to act in a happy manner. All of a sudden she became 30 years old. Although she was labeled as having matured too early, her image caught up her mature age. It was the same mentally. For the first time, the time where she was able to think that her character was hers greeted her.

In the new series that So Yeon selected, ‘Two Weeks’, it all came about due to her relation with the writer of ‘Prosecutor Princess’. Despite having appeared in many dramas up until now, this was the first time that she reappeared with the same writer and PD. “Should I say it’s a sort of ‘trust’? it’s the first time I have felt this sense of confidence. Truthfully, it was the first time I played an unruly girl in ‘Prosecutor Princess’, but thanks to the well-written character by the writer, I felt like I could act without being overstrained. That is why when I received the offer for ‘Two Weeks’, I could select it without any hesitations.” Just like in ‘Prosecutor Princess’, Kim So Yeon plays the role of a prosecutor. While ‘Prosecutor Princess’ was a drama about the development of an immature prosecutor, it is different from ‘Two Weeks’ in that the character Kim So Yeon ended up acting as is adamant and determined. Though the gravity of the role is smaller compared to ‘Prosecutor Princess’, it is still an appealing character. “My ambition is fading while I’m developing ‘greed’.” That’s what Kim So Yeon stated. She said ‘deep greed’ has overtaken her ‘shallow ambition’. Though she might not have ambitions for things anymore, she has learned that she must embrace her greed and calmly walk ahead instead of frantically running around for her goals.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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