Han Ye Seul “Do You Want To See The Sexy Gumiho Once?”

7 Oct

Talent Han Ye Seul, whose stock has been rising quickly lately, has attempted a different transformation.

In the upcoming fusion drama ‘Forbidden Love’ that has its first broadcast on the 19th, Han Ye Seul plays the role of Chae Yi, a gumiho that is a hunter. In the human world, Chae Yi plays the role of the owner of a jazz club and a jazz vocalist, and with her ability to transform, she enjoys taunting human males every night.

She showed off her strong affection for the role, saying “When I first received the synopsis, I said that I wanted to do the role of Chae Yi.”

“I chose this role because I wanted to show various sides of myself as a woman. I remember definitely wanting to play the role of Chae Yi as soon as I received the script. It looks like I can show various sides to myself by playing a female warrior who has had an inferiority complex since she was a kid. Since I pegged myself as this character from the beginning, I don’t think I’ll have any regrets, even if we don’t receive a positive response from the viewers.”

For the past two days, the Han Ye Seul that we met in the exclusive interior set installed for ‘Forbidden Love’ at a school in Yanggwa-dong, Namgu, Gwangju looked voluptuous and extravagant wearing black gloves and clothes made out of animal material. “Doesn’t this remind you of the movie ‘Catwoman’? However, it’s too hot. Although I really enjoy acting, I’m having a hard time because of the heat.”

Han Ye Seul, who entices men by wearing extravagant clothing and doing sexy dances in the drama said “There aren’t any difficulties in acting [this character] since I have enjoyed dancing up on stage since I was younger.”

She was enjoying herself, saying “Even at home I would dance in front of the mirror” and “I think it’s a good thing that I’m able to show off my talents to my heart’s extent through this drama.” In real life, when she’s enticing men, instead of relying on her sexiness, she wants to approach them with her bubbliness and cuteness.

Ever since her debut in 2001 as a supermodel, she has risen up in a frightening away, sweeping up various CFs and appearing on many entertainment programs.

After she truly started her acting career through MBC’s ‘Nonstop 4’ last year, she started with MCing MBC’s ‘Section TV – Celebrity Correspondence’ and appeared in eight CFs, such as Samsung, Health Up, Cham Yi Seul, etc. However, even though she has even appeared in several pictorials, she puts on a happy expression even though she has a killer schedule for a rookie actress.

“On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I’m filming ‘Nonstop 4’, on Wednesday I’m filming ‘Section TV’ and on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I’m filming ‘Forbidden Love’.” When asked if her packed schedule acts as a negative effect on her, she replied “In order for people to get to know the person Han Ye Seul a little more, I’m taking on this difficult schedule.”

“I’m greedy in the sense that it’s still the beginning, so I have to get more people to know who I am. I’m not in a position where I can carry this and that and do them. I’ll be able to regulate myself once I get a lot more well known.”

When asked if she had any nicknames, she said “I had the nicknames ‘Dark Skin Princess’ and ‘Dog Turd Melon’ because of my dark skin as a child. When I was shooting the ‘Spam’ CF, I was eating a lot, so I gained the nickname ‘Eating Goblin’, and after ‘Nonstop 4’, when I would walk down the street, the kids would say ‘Ya! Mannerless (bitch)!”

Not long ago, on the online service ‘Juke’, Ye Seul was chosen as the top actor/actress that would have success as a singer.

That is due to Ye Seul singing ‘You’re Different’ from the ‘Nonstop 4’ OST herself. She has received offers from people inquiring if she has any thoughts on debuting as a singer, but she just wants to focus on acting right now. She has hinted that she has had some thoughts of becoming a singer since she has been acknowledged through being an actress.

Han Ye Seul, who is an American citizen, said “I’m in the process of resigning my U.S. citizenship.” She said it was so that she can genuinely do her acting promotions in Korea. When asked if it’s disappointing that she has to give up on her U.S. citizenship, she said “I’m not really worried since I have settled down in Korea” and “It’s not disappointing at all.”

Han Ye Seul stated “I am a bit nervous since everything has happened the way I wanted it to so far.” She showed off her greed for acting by saying “After ‘Forbidden Love’ is over, I want to appear in a melodrama.”

[Translator’s Note: This is a 2004 interview.]


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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