Horikita Maki Koukousei Shinbun Interview

7 Oct

Horikita Maki is appearing in the film “Kencho Omotenashi Ka (Prefecture Government’s Hospitality Division)” that opens to the public in May. She is very active in movies and dramas, but she decided to be an actress while in high school, so the decision is a bit worrying. Though there are troubles carrying out the duties of acting and studying, which coexist with each other, Horikita said in her third year while charging ahead with a strong volition, “I’ll make sure my school life is special to me.”

“During my time in high school, whether I was on the scene at work or in the classroom, at any rate, I was tired. (Laughs)” Horikita started talking about an unexpected episode in her life. As she said, she added on the duties of being an actress when she entered high school, so she especially became busier than she was during middle school. “Juggling school with work was very hard. However, I thought to make school life important to me, so with the decision that ‘I will definitely graduate’, I went to school every day.”

Horikita analyzed herself, stating that both now and in high school, she’s the type who tries her best on one thing. She stated that she has a “steady notebook” type of personality, therefore her school life was always depressing. “Even when I went to work, I ended up worrying about school. I voluntarily went through the class materials so that I could learn everything I didn’t understand. I asked myself what I would do for the exams. The frustration inside of me was gathering up at a considerable pace.”

Horikita’s homeroom teacher and friends supported her. “They would lend me their notes, help me cram for tests, etc. They truly helped me out. I think that everyone minutely followed up with me to help me with the material I didn’t know,” said Horikita, expressing her gratitude. In “Kencho Ometenashi Ka”, Horikita plays the prefectural part-time staff member Taki, who goes to great efforts to liven up her hometown. For the high school students, the highlight of the movie if the direction of the love story with the fellow young staff member Kakemizu. “Seeing as both are full-fledged adults, their love is irritating and innocent at the same time. The love has a freshness to it so to speak, as if the man and women were in high school and suddenly both became committee members.”

In the story, Horikita portrays the appearance of Taki worrying about her future prospects. “As a high school student, there are times when you become anxious because you don’t know what you want to do in the future and you don’t even know what you really like. It’s the same with me, as when I was a high school student, I wasn’t even thinking of doing well as an actress, and to be honest, I even had consultations on my career choices as I was thinking of continuing my studies in university.”

In the end, Horikita chose the path of an actress. She had this to say to all of the high school students worried about their careers. “Your career choice doesn’t entail your whole life. The time when you have to make a decision as to what you want to do will come. Until that time comes, challenge yourself in the interests that you are able to do and I think it’s important to learn about various aspects of this world. I hope you find your chance in your own careers, future prospects, and dreams that arise from your own experiences.”

Horikita Maki was born on October 6, 1988 in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. She started her acting activities in 2003, and has continued to appear in many dramas and movies. Her representative movies are the ‘Always: Sunset on Third Street’ series, and her representative drama is ‘Dr. Umechan’. The movie ‘Mugiko-san to (With Mugiko)’ plans to open to the public this fall.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview



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