Kim So Yeon “Thanks To Ryu Soo Young, I’m Addicted and Have Completely Fallen For ‘Matdashi'”

7 Oct

Kim So Yeon has completely fallen for Matdashi (a food brand).

Kim So Yeon talked about the MRE (ready to eat meal) gift that she was given by Ryu Soo Young, whom she acted together with in the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama in an interview with Newsen.

Ryu Soo Young, who participates on MBC’s Real Man as the acknowledged king, is becoming a topic for sharing an MRE on the set of Two Weeks.

Kim So Yeon said while laughing “MREs are very delicious. Especially Matdashi. Due to me stating that I wanted to try eating Matdashi, he bought it for me. During that time, I’ve fallen for Matdashi, so I wouldn’t eat the lunch they gave on set, so I would buy Haetban (a brand of white rice) and mix it together with Matdashi and eat it. After eating it like that for a few days, I did get heartburn, but it’s very delicious. It’s almost like an addiction.”

Kim So Yeon continued by introducing Ryu Soo Young, stating that “Soo Young is a very warm and nice person. There’s no way someone couldn’t like him.”

Kim So Yeon stated “All of the Two Weeks’ characters leave us with lingering images, so we depend upon each that much more. It wasn’t that we all suffered with each other, we have the newfound feeling affection for a new family. If all of us actors did better, it would be great. Although Jun Ki is doing very well right now, it would be great if he was doing even better. He’s a person who deserves it. I developed that impression of him after meeting him, since I didn’t think of him like that before I met him. It would be great if Ha Sun received a looooooot more love,” showing her deep affection to the actors that appeared in the drama.

Kim So Yeon stated “Truthfully, after I’m done with a project, I’m the type that tries to quickly find my next one. I’m not the type of person who cannot separate herself from the project or character nor the type that falls too deeply (for the character or project). However, for some reason, there’s this lingering image of the character Park Jae Kyung that remains with me,” conveying her mind after the drama has finished airing.


Translation: The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview


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